Instagram Summer Post Ideas for Hotels


Arielle Reyes

Jul 9, 2019


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Photos are the ultimate way to sell your hotel to travelers. Many people are visual and love being able to see their destination instead of just picturing it in their mind. Hotels can use this to their advantage, especially with a platform like Instagram.

Summer is the time to get travelers attention since it’s one of the most popular times of the year for people to travel in the United States.

Special Offer

If your hotel is running a special offer for the summer, now is the time to post about it! Special offers are one of the most popular types of posts on social media, so make sure to take advantage of that. A recent study by Sprout Social confirmed this, stating that around 72% of consumers are looking for discounts or sales from business’ social media posts.

Give users specific details surrounding the offer and make sure to emphasize the value of staying at your hotel.

Summer-related Amenities

Does your hotel have a pool? Or perhaps your hotel is located near a popular summer attraction like Disneyland? Whatever your hotel can offer customers that is related to summer should tie into your Instagram strategy. Capitalize on these amenities by showing how your hotel can help facilitate what a traveler is looking for in a summer trip. If they’re looking for a relaxing time lounging by the pool, show photos of customers doing just that. If they’re looking for a nearby place to rest their heads while visiting an attraction like Disneyland, tell them why your hotel is the best choice.

Summer-related amenities photo ideas

Travel Quote

Summer is the time for travel, so give users a little inspiration! These types of posts are even better if the quote is related to the area. For example, if your hotel is in Los Angeles, you can use a quote that’s related to the city. Use these types of posts as an opportunity to show photos of the local area.

Travel Quotes photo ideas

User-Generated Content

Showcase your hotel through the eyes of other guests. You can do this by sharing photos of past guests who have enjoyed a stay at your hotel. You can find these photos by either searching who has checked into your hotel or through your hotel's hashtag. If you don't currently have a hashtag for your hotel where guests can share photos, consider creating one and including it in your profile. Make sure to get permission to use these photos and give photo credit when necessary.

Inside Look

Give potential guests an inside look at the hotel by showing even more areas that are not on the website. You should also aim to use new photos often and ones that show the hotel in different lights. In other words, show your hotel, rooms, and amenities from different angles, during different times of the year, with various decorations, etc.

Additionally, you can give your social media fans an inside look at new and exciting features that your hotel will be offering. For example, if the hotel is currently undergoing renovations, you can use Instagram to build excitement. If your hotel is offering a new food item at the restaurant, give your followers a sneak peek. You can also create more engaging posts, like asking users to vote on the name of a new drink your bar will be serving.

Branded Post

Branded posts should be a regular part of your Instagram strategy but in moderation. When used correctly, they help keep your hotel top of mind and provide you with a call to action.

Branded Post photo ideas

Keep your hotel's Instagram full of fresh content this summer with these social media post ideas!

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