Get More Business With These Content Promotion Tips


Alex Corral

Jan 16, 2017


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I am sure that at this point, you have heard the statement that content is king.

Well, I want to take that one step further and tell you that good content is king.

Everyone knows at this point that content is a necessity for strong SEO. Various forms of “good content” are out there, but they can differ by vertical and target customers. One hotel could be crushing the competition in a luxury segment of the market with a strategy. Using that same strategy on a budget hotel would not work. What is an excellent base to start with when you are looking to amplify your content but don’t have that much time?

First, You Need to Have Content

The very first thing that you need to do is have content. What is it that you are trying to promote? There needs to be something for your guests to look at when they land on your site. It should be more than words on a page. It should provide the people who clicked over to your site with some value.

This content could come in the form of a list, infographic, local news piece, etc.

Once you have good content on your page, you can work on getting more out of it. It will take some time to learn the ins and outs of what content will work for your business. Starting, there is a lot of trial and error. Don’t get frustrated. Make sure that you are testing everything, and you will be okay!

An excellent place to start on your content journey would be to see what your competition is doing. If they are writing on a particular subject, then there is a good chance that you should be covering it. You have to think outside of the box and include a different angle on the content.

Finding out what works for businesses in the top spot is an excellent way to supercharge your content efforts. Before you begin the competition, remember that the best content wins. If you are competing for the top spot with someone, make sure that your content is better than theirs. Otherwise, it will be a wasted effort.‍

This leads me to my next point.

You Need to Know Your Ideal Target Customer

I’ll tell you the secret to better promotion for your content.

Have a better idea of who your ideal target customer is. This does not have to be the person that your competitor is targeting. It does not have to be who everyone else is targeting (but it very well could be).

In this step, you need to figure out who it is that your hotel services the best. This could be older retired people on vacation, couples looking to get away, or any other personas. Figure out who your hotel services the best and then target them with your content.

Let me give you an example; If you find that your hotel services couples with no children the best, then target them. You wouldn’t have content on there that talks to the family-friendly segment. It would not resonate with them and would be a wasted effort on your part. You would be better served with a piece of content that talks to the couples. You could include couple-related activities around your hotel.

Choose Your Promotional Channels Based on Your Customer

Now you know who you are targeting. You have the right piece of content on your website.

Now, you need to figure out how to promote it. Realize that you cannot be in every place at once. It would be best if you chose what channels work the best for you. If you don’t know yet, that is okay. This is where testing comes into play. Write down your best guess about which channels you think would do well for your hotel.

There is no right or wrong answer here since all customers are different. Figure out which performs the best for you based on your goals and then run with it. Optimize it once you get comfortable with the channel. Then continue adding other channels once you get time. If you can only do two, make sure you give them your all.

Test What Two Hours of Day Work the Best for Promotion

This venture isn’t a hail mary. Make sure that you are testing the timing and frequency of those posts. Users on different platforms could be on at different times. Keep this in mind when comparing two channels at the same time. It could skew your views on the performance of the channels.

Make sure that you are testing times on individual channels first. This way, you can compare the best performing times against channels. This will show you a clearer picture of how your content is performing. Who knows, you might also find some useful insight during your testing!

Write the times down, and list their respective channels. Once you have this info, you can see if testing the frequency of the posts would be wise. If two times performed well, I would check the frequency against them to see if I could generate more traffic. Many times better promotion is a simple frequency issue.

Doing this should take no more than 30 minutes a day. Work down one section at a time. Roughly two and a half hours a week will get you on the right track to promoting your content. Remember, optimizing your promotion is all about testing.

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