Inspiration Ideas for Content Creation on Social Media


Jacqueline Puga

Jun 5, 2018


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Creating content for social media is often seen as a daunting task for many, including those forming a hotel social media strategy. Whether you are addicted to social media or are late on the bandwagon, social media is a powerful tool for businesses to use to reach their customers. If you're out of ideas on how to keep your social media channels fresh with exciting content, keep reading to get some inspiration!

Showcase what you have. Show off your assets, whether those are physical inventory, workforce, or something else like community, location, or innovation. You don't have to give away all your secrets, but let your audience peek inside so they can get excited about you too!

  • Share photos of your staff or workplace
  • Show off hard-earned recognition awards
  • Share pieces of history like old photos
  • Celebrate milestones like anniversaries
  • Showcase your area & community

Share the knowledge. As a thought leader in your perspective field, you should want your audience to regard you as an expert in at least one aspect about your business. As such, your insight is relevant to your audience as your word holds weight and credibility in their eyes.

  • Display mentions of you in any news sources like articles or videos
  • Address relevant issues in pop culture (share your stance but don't push away potential customers-choose your topics wisely)
  • Let your audience know of resources like a free handbooks or upcoming webinars
  • Share others' relevant content that your followers may find beneficial or interesting
  • Present upcoming events like conferences
  • Give helpful tips & tricks

Let your product or service be the star of the show. Put your best foot forward and invite your audience to get on board by showing them the best of what you have to offer.

  • Share UGC because this can give you many user-generated content benefits
  • Explore Q & A's 
  • Present a special deal or promotion
  • Admire raving customer testimonials & positive reviews
  • Invite participation in polls

Other commonly used tactics to keep social media content fresh is to keep it playful. This doesn't mean you have to be silly if that's not your style, but perhaps take this as an opportunity to tie in relevant photos or other materials that you might not get the chance to share elsewhere.

  • Inspire conversation with inspirational or thought-provoking quotes
  • Share well wishes for the holidays (including silly, but relevant ones like #nationalwineday, etc.)
  • Share GIFs or videos that your audience might find interesting
  • Use hashtags like #monivationmonday and #traveltuesday
  • Invite people to follow you on various platforms with cross channel promotion

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