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Work-Life Balance for Employees

April 11, 2022
Work-Life Balance for Employees - Work & Casual shoes
Besides a great benefits package, the best way to keep existing staff and new hires engaged and focused is to create the ideal work-life balance for employees.
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8 Creative Employee Benefits Ideas

March 26, 2022
Employee Benefits - Creative Ideas - Happy Employees
In a tight labor market, it's essential for small business owners to offer creative employee benefits to help them stand out from the rest. Here are 8 fun ideas.
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2022 HR Challenges for SMBs

February 17, 2022
HR Challenges for Small Business
Talent acquisition and retention have been top challenges in the past, but there are many other HR challenges for small businesses in 2022 that you need to focus on.
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Hiring and Retain Good Employees

January 25, 2022
How to Hire and Retain Good Employees
To be successful, businesses must be able to hire and retain good employees. However, in today’s competitive job market, attracting them is easier said than done.
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COVID-19 Workplace Guidelines 2021

November 2, 2021
COVID-19 Workplace Guidelines - Woman working with a face mask
Due to the pandemic, small business owners have been thrust into the forefront of Covid-19 prevention. Here are some Covid-19 workplace guidelines for 2021.
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Work-Life Balance Tips for Employees

October 17, 2021
Work-Life Balance Tips for Employees - Road signs with the words "Life, Balance & Work"
Although it may be more difficult for your staff to achieve a healthy work-life balance, adopting these twelve work-life balance tips for employees should help.
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Exploring Hybrid Remote Work Models

September 2, 2021
Hybrid Remote Work Models - Woman working remotely
If you're looking to build your team, hybrid remote work models can be a great perk for prospective employees. Before offering it you need to understand what it is.
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Time Tracking App for Small Business

July 2, 2021
Employee Time Tracking Apps for Small Business - Sand clock on top of a laptop
For small businesses, keeping track of hours worked for both onsite and remote workers can be a challenge. Here is the best time tracking app for small businesses.
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How to Retain Key Employees

June 5, 2021
How to Keep Great Employees - Employer shaking hands with an employee
High employee turnover can lead to lost customers and a higher payroll cost. As a business owner, knowing how to retain key employees can actually save money.
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Remote Hiring Best Practices

March 24, 2021
Woman doing a remote interview - Remote Recruitment Guide
While hiring in person is usually preferred, hiring remote workers is a bit more challenging. Here are some remote hiring best practices that can help.
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