Hiding Likes on Instagram will Affect Businesses and Influencers

November 25, 2019
how hiding likes on instagram will affect businesses influencers
Instagram's decision to hide likes on its platform is expected to create some big changes for both businesses and influencers. Here's how each of these groups could be affected.
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Turning your Instagram into a Business Profile

November 8, 2019
women holding phone with instagram
Discover the features Instagram has to offer that can help better your business.
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Converting Pinterest Account to Business Account

September 16, 2019
creating a pinterest business account 2019
Here's how to create a Pinterest Business account in 2019
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It's Time to Create Your Holiday Campaigns

August 30, 2019
creating a holiday campaign
Believe it or not, now is the perfect time to start getting your holiday campaigns ready to go live. Here’s a quick list to get you prepared for your holiday campaigns.
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How to Find & Use User Generated Content

August 19, 2019
how to find user generated content
Amp up your posts with User Generated Content! Here's how to find it.
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Twitter Launches New Layout

August 5, 2019
new twitter layout 2019
Twitter has launched an all-new layout for summer 2019
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Changes to Facebook's Mobile Ads

July 22, 2019
Facebook mobile ads lines of primary text
The shift from desktop to mobile is growing by the minute, so it comes as no surprise that Facebook is currently seeking to improve the mobile ad experience with an update.
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My Instagram Summer Post Ideas for Hotels

July 9, 2019
instagram post ideas for hotels
Engage travelers this summer with great posts on your hotel's Instagram!
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How To Use Instagram for Your Hotel

July 4, 2019
beautiful hotel in sunset
Instagram is one of the greatest opportunities your hotel can take advantage and it's free.
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Adding Links To Your Instagram

June 24, 2019
instagram camera logo
The majority of social media channels allow businesses to include links in various areas of their sites, including the bio, stories, and most importantly - posts. Unfortunately, the same isn’t valid for one of the internet’s most popular social media networks - Instagram.
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