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Facebook Lookalike Audiences

May 24, 2021
Paper cutout of people - What is Facebook Lookalike Audience?
Are Facebook lookalike audiences effective? Well, that depends. If your goal is to boost sales at a lower cost then you should consider this tactic.
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Social Media Platforms for Business

May 2, 2021
Woman using the phone - Best Social Media Platforms
Choosing a social media platform for your business depends on your goals, but you can start with the platforms your customers, and future customers are using.
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New Social Commerce Trends for 2021

April 28, 2021
Computer tabs open with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google - 2021 Trends - Social Commerce
Getting in front of these social commerce trends will boost your social sales, and ultimately impact your bottom line. Keep reading if you want to stay ahead.
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Can Influencers Help Your Business?

April 13, 2021
Happy Woman Influencer - Influencer Marketing Guide
Ever wonder how influencers can help your business? Social media influencers can help you increase sales, improve credibility, and grow your brand.
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How to Boost Social Media Followers

March 17, 2021
A lot of "Like" icons - Boost Your Social Followers
One of the best ways to increase social media followers for your small business is to post interesting content that your audience cares about.
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Hotel Social Media Marketing Tips

February 16, 2021
Hand holding a phone with an Instagram Post - Social Media Tips - Hotels
The average hotel has a very low engagement rate on social media, but you can boost engagement with these social media marketing tips for hotels.
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Social Media Trends for Business

January 2, 2021
Women taking photo with an Instagram frame - 2021 Trends Social Media
As social media continues to evolve, small businesses need to adapt to stay relevant. Here are the top social media trends for business in 2021.
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Instagram Engagement Strategies

November 14, 2020
Hand holding a mobile phone with Instagram splash screen - Instagram Engagement Strategies
Businesses who want to improve their results on Instagram need a plan, and the best place to start is to implement these Instagram engagement strategies.
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LinkedIn for Small Business

October 21, 2020
Mobile Phone screen with Linkedin open - LinkedIn for Small Business
If you own a company that sells B2B, understanding how to use LinkedIn for small business is essential for success. This is the right direction.
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Facebook Ads Versus Boosted Posts

September 21, 2020
Hand holding a mobile with Facebook's splash screen
With paid advertising on Facebook, you can target audiences and even tailor your creative design to better appeal to their interests.
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