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RIP Google+

October 10, 2018
Google+ is dead
Google has finally decided to say goodbye to Google+
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Why Social Media Matters in the Sales Process

October 1, 2018
ocial media strategy for hotels
Everyone knows sales are important. There are multiple methods businesses use to support their sales team from specialized trainings to lead generation and so on. Although this is the case, seldom does anyone note social media as a powerful tool in the sales process.
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You Can Now Request Instagram Verification

September 17, 2018
how to request instagram verification
Take these steps to request an Instagram Verification Badge! Business can now also request to become verified.
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Make Your Hotel's Instagram Stand Out

August 31, 2018
woman on her cell phone
Today's highly targeted generation appreciates genuine content, fun culture, information relevant to them, and an emotional connection with a brand.
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Social Media Term Glossary for Beginners

August 27, 2018
Social Media Term Glossary for Beginners
The world of social media is constantly changing and with new updates every so often come new features and terms to know. Take a look at this beginner's guide of terms to know that are indispensable terms for anyone new to working with any form of social media.
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How to Unfollow a User's Posts on Instagram

July 18, 2018
Unfollow a User's Posts on Instagram
Don't want to see a user's posts but still want to follow them? Here's how
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How Hotels Can Scope Out Fake Influencers

June 28, 2018
should my hotel work with an influencer
If you’re running a hotel or work in one, there’s no doubt that you’ve received a ton of emails and calls from “influencers” asking for a free stay. Here's how to distinguish beneficial influencers from fake influencers.
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3 Ways To Improve Your Online Presence

June 25, 2018
social media web surfing laptop
Don't miss out on these tips to better your business.
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The Quick Beginners Guide to Creating Your 1st Facebook Ad

June 11, 2018
creating facebook ads
Learn the basics of creating a Facebook ad in 2018.
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Beating Instagram’s Algorithm Changes for Success

April 16, 2018
Working Around Instagram’s Algorithm Changes
Back in the good old days on Instagram, the newsfeed was in chronological order and as long as you posted at the right time, and had a great photo and caption, your followers would have an equal chance of seeing your posts. Now, you have to ensure that you have a basic understanding of Instagram’s algorithm to compete.
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