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Understanding Your Target Audience

January 10, 2022
Understand Your Target Audience - Woman holding a dart
Understanding your target audience will help you more effectively market to the right demographic, which in turn will help boost sales for your small business.
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Social Media Objectives Examples

December 26, 2021
Social Media Objectives - Like pin
If you're not sure what social media strategies are right for your business, these social media objectives examples will help you get started.
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Social Media Marketing Plan For SMBs

December 3, 2021
Social Media Marketing Plan - Woman using social media
Before creating content, you should first create a social media marketing plan for small business that will help you reach your target audience.
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Increase Followers on Instagram

November 10, 2021
How to Increase Instagram Followers - Instagram Logo
Wondering how to increase followers on Instagram for small business? Here are the top strategies to reach your target audience and grow your channel.
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Social Media Post Engagement Ideas

October 29, 2021
Engagement Ideas for Social Media - Man holding a heart button
Since social media is constantly evolving, you need to come up with a content strategy. Here are some engagement post ideas for social media to get you started.
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Hotel Marketing Strategies to Avoid

October 10, 2021
Marketing Strategies for Hotels to Avoid - Hotel under a magnifier
As consumers are now gradually becoming open to going places once again, the hospitality industry must implement new, effective digital marketing strategies.
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Guide to Social Selling on LinkedIn

September 29, 2021
Social Selling on LinkedIn - LinkedIn splash screen on mobile phone
Although the platform has evolved over the years, social selling on LinkedIn has become a profitable strategy for many organizations and business professionals.
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Grow Brand Awareness on Social Media

September 17, 2021
Increase Brand Awareness on Social Media - Coffee with a thumbs up icon next to a laptop
Aside from having a compelling blog post and an eye-catching website, businesses should strive to increase brand awareness on their social media channels.
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Small Biz Social Media Post Ideas

August 21, 2021
Post Ideas for Social Media - Hands using a phone
Most business owners have trouble coming up with social media post ideas for a small business that will increase engagement. Here are some creative ways to do it.
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Social Media Trends in Hospitality

August 6, 2021
Social Media Trends - Women taking a picture
Whether you are new to the hospitality industry or are a seasoned veteran, here are the top social media trends in the hospitality industry that you need to know.
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