10 Instagram Mistakes Hurting your Brand


Jacqueline Puga

Oct 19, 2017


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If you're considering hotel strategies to attract customers, social media might be on your radar. Here are 10 things to avoid on Instagram that can hurt your brand!

Not Filling out your Bio

Creating a great profile starts with the basics and nothing is more essential than filling out your bio to tell people what you are all about! Write a brief sentence to showcase who you are and add your official website and an address if you have one. Giving your followers important information from the start will help them get a better idea of what they can expect.

Low Quality Posts

Each posts is an opportunity to build your brand a little bit more. Use each post to showcase your brand in various aspects. From the types of photography, to your captions; it all counts so put in the effort.

Irrelevant noise

Give your followers content that entertains or informs. The reason they follow you is not so that you can sell to them. It's so that you can give them something of value. Information is a great currency so make your posts something that will make their lives better. This can be anything for informing them about an event in your area, to offering a special. Whatever it is, make it worth their while.

Lack of Original Content

Social media is all about the new and exciting so make sure to keep your followers on their toes. Create original content that will excite them & keep them interested in coming back for more. Reposting an old photo as a #tbt (Throwback Thursday) is fine, but don't just reuse old content, keep on creating.

Not replying to comments

Maintain a relationship with your audience is vital to building trust and responding to feedback will do just that. Even if a follower doesn't ask a question or interact with you on Instagram, they can still view your responses to other's comments. With this public platform any great interaction can position your brand in a positive light.

Buying Followers

Buying followers is never a good idea. While your follower count grows your credibility decreases. Users can see the amount of engagement on each photo and if it is too low in comparison to the amount of followers, they can derive that the accounts are fake. The same can be seen by looking at the follower list and seeing odd user names made up of random letters and numbers. Don't risk your credibility at the expense of a number.

Not paying attention to high performing posts

Any good social media strategy involves testing, testing, and more testing. If you have a high performing post make sure to pay attention to what made that post stand out against the others. If you notice a particular subject, phrase, or hashtag getting particularly more attention than usual repeat to reap the benefits of high performing posts.

Posting at the wrong times

Instagram has a great feature under insights that allows you to see when most of your followers are online. Take a look at the most popular dates & times so that you can post at certain times to get the most reach.

Poor photography

Photography can make or break your account! Use quality photographs that are clear, have vibrant colors & and great subjects that tell your story. You can use professional photos or user-generated content to make your feed come alive.

Not using Instagram Stories

One of Instagram's newest features is vastly underutilized. Stories give you another opportunity to get yourself in front of your audiences. If you go live or have a story, it will appear at the top of your followers feed in a circle that only goes away after a user has seen the story or 24 hours have passed since posting. You can also get insights about top-performing stories.

Avoid these top ten Instagram mistakes to make your account stand out among others. When put together, these helpful tips can add up and give your brand a leg up against the competition.

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