Adding Multiple Photos and Videos to an Instagram Post


Arielle Reyes

Feb 27, 2017


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Instagram has been adding some new changes in the past year. This is likely due to their increasing need to compete with Snapchat. The latest feature that the channel has implemented is the ability to add multiple photos and videos to a single post. Instagram announced via numerous photo posts as well as on their blog.

multiple photos and videos on instagram

The concept is simple, and users have to swipe right/left on the post to view the multiple photos and videos. While this news is good for the average Instagram user, this is to be included news for businesses. It’s an easy and visual way to showcase multiple videos and photos at once, especially those revolving around a single topic.

To add multiple images or videos to an Instagram post, start by clicking the + sign at the bottom of the app, just as you would for a regular post. Select the library at the bottom left, and then you will need to click the layered squares on the bottom right of the large photo on the screen. This is highlighted in pink in the example below.

adding multiple photos and videos on instagram

Once you click on the layered squares, you will need to select the photos that you want to be included in your post. They are numbered (as shown below), meaning that you can control the order that the pictures are displayed in your post.

changing order of multiple photos and videos on instagram

Just as with single photo/video posts, users can apply filters to multiple photo/video posts to enhance them. Keep in mind that you can only select one filter and that it will be used to all of the photos/videos across the board. Be sure to scroll through your photos with the selected filter to see how each picture will be presented.

scrolling through multiple photos and videos on instagram

After selecting the filter you wish to use, you can create your caption, tag people, add a location, and share the post to your profile or other social media channels.

creating new post with multiple photos and videos on instagram

Once your post is created, you take a look at your profile to familiarize yourself with how these posts look.

double checking multiple photos and videos on instagram

There are two ways to tell if an Instagram post contains multiple photos or videos. If you are already on the post, look below the picture. If you see little bubbles at the bottom of the photo, it means that there are multiple photos or videos in the post. The blue bubble signifies where inside the series of pictures/videos you are. You can then scroll left or right accordingly. The second way is by visiting a profile page and looking to the top right of a photo. If it has the layered squares, then it means that posts contain multiple images/videos. You can see an example in the picture below.

how to tell if post has multiple photos and videos on instagram

Benefits of Multiple Photo/Video Posts on Instagram

In regards to social media, businesses have to tinker with the fine line of posting often enough to hold their audience’s attention while also not posting too often, which can cause users to become annoyed and unfollow. Adding several photos or videos to a single post not only makes the post more engaging, but it allows your business to paint a complete picture of any given topics by adding many visuals. Plus, it can help keep the balance of posting too often on the same subject.

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