Innovative Marketing Ideas for New Products


Thad King

Apr 1, 2024


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In any type of business, launching a new product is an exciting time. You and your team have likely put a lot of time into developing your new product, and you have a lot of hopes and dreams invested in your product’s success. While you can do plenty of things to ensure your new product is a hit, you simply can’t ignore the marketing aspect of a product launch.

There are many ways to market a new product, and variables such as your industry and customer preferences can determine the best ways to create your marketing strategies. You can stick to tried-and-true marketing methods, but many business owners find it takes innovation to stand out in today’s competitive digital marketplace.

If you’re stuck looking for innovative ways to market a new product, below are four ideas to help you get the word out, generate leads, and ensure your product launch is a success:

Leverage Segmentation in Email Marketing

Email is one of the most effective ways to communicate with customers these days, but simply sending out an email announcing a new product won’t cut it. Instead, you will want to use email marketing and audience segmentation.

Segmentation is separating your email list of subscribers into categories or segments. For example, existing customers may comprise one segment, while unqualified leads may comprise another. From there, you can design personalized emails that speak to each segment’s needs and pain points to entice them to take specific actions. Behavior cues of each customer segment can then determine how to move customers along the buyer journey.

If you use email marketing, brushing up on anti-spam laws and regulations is a good idea. Sending unsolicited emails may be a form of spam, and aside from annoying your audience, you may place your company in legal hot water. It’s also best to avoid sending too many marketing emails, even if someone has subscribed to receive them. No specific number is considered too much, but sending emails too often can cause people to unsubscribe.

Use Content Marketing to Make an Impact

Another popular marketing tactic you can use when launching a new product is content marketing. Content marketers approach their marketing efforts by developing various forms of content that engage customers and leads in places where these buyers already consume content. Content marketers also develop content that is more likely to be sought out by customers already searching for the products being marketed.

An example of content marketing could involve customer research to determine pain points within a target market. These pain points will be what your target customers are more likely to search for on the web when seeking answers to problems. A content marketer can write a blog post about how your new product remedies these pain points. The blog post and product are more likely to be found online when someone in your target audience searches for answers to their problems.

You can also look for non-traditional ways to market a new product through content by seeking out guest spots on podcasts. You will want to look for podcasts related to your products and industry to do this effectively. This is to ensure you get in front of your target audience. When you approach podcasts about a potential guest appearance, make sure you have something to offer in return to create the best chance of being accepted as a guest.

Lean Into Social Media and User-Generated Content

Man creating original user content

Everyone likes to feel included, so why not use social media to encourage potential customers to get involved through user-generated content? Social media provides a way to have an ongoing dialogue with people, including your ideal customers. User-generated content is content created by people who like and follow your brand on social media platforms, and encouraging the creation of this type of content connects your brand to buyers in ways that even the slickest of advertising cannot.

Social media marketers also put a public face on companies by interacting with users as a liaisons. You can use this position to market a new product by hosting a live demonstration and webinar in which you encourage customers to send in questions beforehand. You can then highlight the questions and the users who send them during the live demonstration or webinar to make the event more personal.

Another idea could involve hosting a giveaway in which people from your customer base are encouraged to send in photos and videos of them using your new product. You can then highlight the best submissions and offer fun prizes to the winners. The benefit of doing this is that it encourages people to check out your new product. Still, it encourages customers to tell their friends and family to check out their user-generated content submission.

Use SEO to Make Sure Your Website Gets Found

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a series of processes and techniques you can use to help your company’s website and products get found higher in search engine results. Things like optimizing the wording on your website and ensuring your website’s security certificate is up to date can tell search engines why your company’s site is the best choice for ranking higher for specific search terms.

It should be noted that the nature of search engines is changing with the advent of generative artificial intelligence (AI). More and more people are switching to AI solutions like ChatGPT to look up answers to questions, and even Google is getting in on the act with its own Search Generative Experience (SGE). While traditional SEO best practices are still important, you may want to take more innovative approaches through entity SEO.

Entity SEO is a type of SEO in which you want to have your brand, products, industry, location and other identifying information all tied together through various mentions in prominent places across the web. These places could include forums and message boards, user-generated content sites like Reddit, your company’s website, social media, interviews on blogs, and so on.

The goal of entity SEO is to tell search engines and large-language models (LLMs) enough information about your company and products to help form a consensus about who your company is, what it does, where it is located, and so on. This is achieved through machine learning, and getting enough identifiable information about your company that is semantically linked across the web helps LLMs define your brand and products. The result is that your company is more likely to be cited in responses to user prompts when querying LLMs that use updated training data.

The Most Important Step is to Make a Plan

Whether you stick with traditional marketing methods or look for innovative solutions, the key to success is to make a plan. You should base your marketing plan on research, but don’t be so rigid that your plan can’t change. Marketing campaigns often require flexibility to be effective, and this is particularly true in the early stages. When you remain flexible and able to change with the data you and your team receive, you will likely maintain success long after your product launch.

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