Create A Hotel Business Plan for Success

March 8, 2018
box with business plan on white background
There’s no better time than now to be in the hotel business, with the AHLA reporting more than 1B guests stay in American hotels every year. Getting these customers might not be easy. Making sure you have these 4 parts of your business plan in order, can make occupancy issues a thing of the past.
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Using WhatsApp to Engage With Your Guests

July 20, 2017
With WhatsApp, engage with your guests faster and better than ever before!
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Beginners Resources for SEO

June 19, 2017
search engine optimization
SEO is the foundation of a successful online presence. You must make it easy for people to find you. I've compiled this list to get you started today.
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Get More From Hotel SEO By Doing These Two Things

June 14, 2017
Having a proper SEO foundation can yield better results. 2 things could make a difference. Find out what they are & how to fix them in this article.
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Search Engine Optimization for Hotels : Is It Even Worth It?

May 8, 2017
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You know that SEO for hotels is important. You need more people in your hotel to fill those empty rooms! I'll show you why SEO might be the answer.
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Creating and Maintaining your Hotel’s Visual Brand

March 13, 2017
designer looking at photo
Maintaining your hotel marketing strategies consists of a various parts. One of..
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Leisure and Business Travel

February 8, 2017
simplifying rift
What do travelers look for when they shop for a hotel? Well, that depends on the type of...
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Is your Hotel Providing Enough Value to Guests?

January 30, 2017
providing value to guests through amenities
What makes a person choose one hotel over another? It’s value. Value is what drives every purchaser’s decision, but how can your hotel add more value?
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WiFi Security Concerns for Every Hotelier

January 28, 2017
Recently the FCC has put their foot down on the fight over WiFi Blocking in hotels. They have ruled that...
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How to Build Your Hotel’s Brand Online

December 19, 2016
palm trees at hotel during sunset
Before you begin working on the construction of your online image, you need to establish what your brand is. What does your business stand for, believe in, or aim to complete?
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