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José Gómez

Feb 11, 2020


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Do you have a large number of followers, but very little engagement or interactions, such as likes, comments, and shares across your social networks? You may have the audience's attention, but they're not engaging in your content. You want to be active in all of your digital marketing efforts to create a two-way street for rapport-building. Followers that engage with your content will be your biggest fans, and they will raise awareness of your brand. Engagement shows that your brand is growing and that your content is capturing not only the eye but the mind. If you want to know how to increase social media post engagement, here are the top five ways to increase engagement and build meaningful relationships with your followers.

Speak on your Topic

Whenever you have new followers or people who are just starting to engage, you want to speak about your company or business and what you do. Make sure your profile talks about your mission, how you got there, and what you can provide for your audience. If you don't have a broad audience following you, joining groups that are similar to your company will help you figure out how to speak to your audience. 

Use a Unique Tone/Voice For Each Social Channel

Use unique tone/voice for each social channel

This might seem a lot easier than you think, but this is one of the main things a lot of big and small businesses alike have an issue with. Each social network has a different audience that you need to cater to. Your tone and voice speak to a specific audience. If you're doing this right, you will see your Facebook recommendation rise, as well as follows, likes, and shares, among other channels.

Social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are more personable, so you can get away with using a very relaxed and easy-going tone. On the other hand, LinkedIn is much more professional, so being formal is the way to go. If you are posting the same content across all of your social media accounts, don't. Each channel has a different audience, so tailor your messages to connect with them in a meaningful way.

Be Attentive & Consistent

In this day and age, information comes from every direction at light speed, and you can miss an opportunity if you're not paying attention. Turn your notifications on and make sure you check every social channel often between your most active times. Also, look at your analytics to find out when are the ideal times to post. Then, be sure to post regularly, respond to comments, engage in liking other content, and share other company's content. Lately, collaboration and affiliation with other brands have been the key to increasing engagement on social media and awareness for your company, so don't be afraid to put yourself out there. 

Create Video Content More Often

Create more video content more often

Original visual content like images and videos are very effective ways to engage your audience and increase post engagement with social media users. Instagram is a visual platform with eye-popping photos to engage your followers. Since IGTV and Snapchat have been introduced into the social media market, videos have been more crucial than ever to capture the attention of your audience. Regularly posting images is appealing, but a video will intrigue your audience, thereby encouraging them to stay and watch. They are more likely to engage in your content if they watch the video until the end. As social media marketers, another way to cross-promote the videos is by linking and sharing them on content marketing platforms like your blog posts.

Convey Emotion in your Content

Nothing gets an audience more engaged than when you trigger a strong emotional response such as laughter, sadness, remorse, anger, making them guess, or through contests and giveaways. Increasing engagement with great social media content can be as easy as posting a video of a story based around a mother nurturing a baby, a group of friends laughing while they play Charades, or even pain points like a family at a funeral.

Don't just remember these tips, exercise them by trying new ideas. Nothing is too daring or bold when you want people to engage with content across your social media channels. You can tell your followers to click the comments and share, or you can entice them to do so with your engaging content. By using this guide to create social media posts and build campaigns, you'll be on your way to engaging and nurturing endearing relationships with your audience.

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