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elevating your blog with photos
Jacqueline Puga
Jacqueline Puga
February 24, 2017

Blogs are crucial in today’s online world. No matter the subject, new content allures audiences across the board. But what makes a blog successful? To answer that question let’s examine the elements of a blog. Generally there is a title, content, a photo and infographics whenever useful. Here we’ll focus on optimizing your blog photos to captivate your audience and entice them to click on your blog.

Once you’ve got your content ready to go and you’ve picked the perfect title it’s time to get creative! It’s time to pick a photo! Although there are user generated content benefits, enhancing your own photos is the easiest way to have complete control over your image. Here are a few things to keep in mind while searching for that perfect image.

Stay True to the Content

There is nothing that will make readers close a window faster than realising that what they’ve clicked on is not in fact what was suggested by the title and photo of the article. Clickbait is a spammy way of getting clicks but it doesn’t produce quality leads that are interested in reading your content. If you truly want readers to remember you, produce quality content and match it with a great photo. After all the packaging should match the product.

Vibrant Photos

Choosing brilliant photos doesn’t only have to do with color. A photo is vibrant if the subject matter is appealing. A black and white photography can be dynamic, powerful and in the proper scenario may be the best fit for a blog depending on the subject matter. Keep in mind the photography rule of thirds. That brings us to our next topic, color.

how image looks when framed


Great photos can be stunning if color is applied properly. Something as simple as adjusting the contrast, brightness and saturation of a photo can make a world of difference! Keep an eye out for great photographs with poor color. It’s something that anyone can change in a matter of minutes with free software that comes standard with most computers, or free websites like PicMonkey. Use your eyes to gauge how much to adjust each of these filters. You don’t want to over saturate a photo or make the contrast too great that the photo is distorted. My tip is to adjust the color just a little bit more than what you think looks good. This way the color is bright enough to catch a reader’s eyes, but it’s not too much that your photo looks tacky.

original photo
original photo with color correction


Taking your photos to the next level can be easy if you apply a little bit of creativity. Adding a simple snippet telling the reader what the blog is about can add even more value to your photos which will spark the reader’s curiosity. The rule here is simplicity. Any elements that are added should bring value without distracting from the actual photograph. Great photos will not need much to be elevated. Play with borders, use clean fonts, and balance the elements but keep it simple, not boring. From playing with solid shapes, transparency of elements and using oversize block fonts or thin fragile elements, the possibilities are endless! Websites like Canva are great for this because they have pre-built designs that are free to use.

original photo
original photo with text overlay

And there you have it, your pocket guide to making your blog photos stand out from the pack in a dynamic way! Good luck, and remember less is more!

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