How to Craft a Killer Tweet

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Renee Radia
Renee Radia
December 13, 2012
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Businesses worldwide have adopted social media strategies and now regularly post, pin, tag, tweet, update, etc. There are many approaches to take while crafting a successfulsocial media strategy, be it a rigorous program or a more casual commitment. Regardless of how the strategy is comprised, one of the most fun and prolific social media channels thatshould be included in the strategy is Twitter. Believe it or not, there is somewhat of an art when it comes to successful tweeting. Of course, every tweet must be under 140 characters,which is the biggest limitation. Beyond that, the possibilities are endless. The following are a few key ingredients to crafting successful tweets, so that no matter if you tweet multiple times a day or simply once or twice a week, your tweets will deliver the highest ROI possible.

Be witty & humorous!Let your creative self shine as you craft clever phrases, inflect humor, and even utilize puns (all in brand-appropriate voice, of course). Keep your tweets light and jovial; in many industries, it is in poor taste to tweet about politics or other potentially controversial issues. Think of it as a fun challenge – how witty can you be within the 140 character constraint? It can be harder than you think, but of course it is also rewarding, especially when people begin to engage you more. Keep in mind that humorous tweets often get many Retweets! Another point to consider is that keeping tweets less than the 140 character max allows for users to Retweet and add their own thoughts as well. This is much appreciated in the Twitter-verse!

Find a way to stand out.Twitter is a good way to reach information overload, so stand out by providing more than the typical information on each link shared. Show how much effort can go into writing a tweet and show that you even read what you’re sharing by offering more than a simple headline. Start the tweet with an interesting stat straight out of the link or pull a good quote. Grab your readers’ attentions!

Provide clickable content.Tweeting “clickable” content such as links, hashtags, or other Twitter handles is an effective way to enhance your tweets. Not only do these tweets stand out because they are hyperlinked, but they are more likely to be noticed because you are tagging another Twitter handle, or referring traffic to a site. Of course, hashtags are a great way to crowdsource around a specific topic, and tagging handles for events or other accounts is a good way to increase engagement. If you’re sharing a blog post, be sure to include handles for all relevant parties mentioned in the post!

Cross-promote!Cross-promoting across social media channels (in moderation, of course) can be another great way to garner attention and post killer tweets. Tweeting pins, check-ins, photos, and more can be a fun way of “switching it up,” so to speak, and provides variety to your Twitter followers. Not to mention, followers will be more inclined to connect with you on these other platforms as well.

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