Ten Tips for Creating Engaging Posts


Jacqueline Puga

Jun 15, 2017


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Social Media

When it comes to engagement on social media, there are many things it can tell us about our followers. What they like, what they don’t, the percentage of people who click on our post and in turn to our website, and so on. There are incredible features on social media, and as platforms improve their usability, we gain robust information that can help us implement our business goals. But regardless of what new function platforms apply or what the latest feature is that rolled out, engagement is king. An increase in engagement means you are captivating your audience, and when you click with the consumer, it pays at the checkout cart. Here are some tips for gaining your audience’s attention on the most popular social media platforms.  


  • Consistency: Stick to what you know best and consistently give your audience what they expect from you.
  • Share a variety of media: Keep it interesting by sharing insightful photos, videos, or links to great articles. Just remember to ask yourself, “Will my audience find this compelling?”


  • Time your posts: With Facebook insights, you can track what times of day your audience is the most active online. Sending out your content at peak times will augment your reach and gives you the potential for higher engagement.
  • Call-to-Action: Tell your audience what you want them to do. Click here, read this, explore our website, and give us a call all invite your followers to do what you want them to do.


  • Hashtags: Do your research and seek out the hashtags that are most popular in your niche. The more they are used, the more powerful they will be in dispersing your message throughout Instagram.
  • Use great photos: Instagram is known for its picture-perfect images, and to be noticed, you can put out nothing less than that. Make sure you have high-quality images with excellent color to get viewers to click on the post rather than scroll past it.


  • Give value: To get clicks, you must give value. Find a photo, infographic, or link that might help your audience in one way or another and share that with them.
  • Be smart: Twitter’s short character counts are restrictive but find a creative way around that. If you come up with original content that gets your point across, your audience will want more so they will engage and who knows, you might even get a retweet that may reach new people!


  • Easy to follow Instructions: This platform is best for getting the creative juices flowing. People love trying new crafts, recipes, and exploring travel advice. Make it simple for them by giving them a step by step guide, an easy to follow recipe, or a simplified travel itinerary.
  • Repin: Since 80% of pins are repinned, according to the New York Times best-selling author Neil Patel, make sure you are engaging naturally with this online community. Be selective about what you choose so that your audience can benefit from it while you reap the benefits of user-generated content. The more quality content they see associated with you, the more likely they will engage.

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