Building Guest Relationships For Hotels Through Social Media


Jacqueline Puga

Jan 4, 2018


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In the hotel business, social media plays a vital role in building relationships with past and potential guests. Because of the nature of travel, unless it's business travel, guests visit each location a few times. Although one might pose the question, "If potential customers are not likely to visit the same location frequently, why should I go out of my way to build a relationship with them?" it is crucial to do so.

If past visitors head to your area for travel again, they will consider you if they are happy with their overall experience. Travel is based on location. You might have the best hotel, but if it is not at your traveler's destination, your hotel will not be considered. Social media posts are a reminder of the great experience your past guests had. If a user sees your social media feed for the first time, it can help position your hotel as a viable option for your potential guests.

When they see photos of a relaxing space on your property, they may picture themselves there. When this happens time and time again, they will more than likely be able to envision themselves at your hotel and may grow a desire to make this a reality.

Another fantastic aspect of building relationships with potential guests is that although they may not visit your hotel very often if they follow you on your social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, they will have you at the forefront of their minds and will recommend you to friends and family. The most beneficial recommendations come from the evangelist. Evangelist are key persons who have various connections in all types of social circles. These people know a wide variety of key persons in different social circles. They are seen as a credible source for information, so if they mention your hotel to others, this will most likely be a well-received recommendation. People may even seek-out evangelists in search for a hotel recommendation because of the vault of information and connections they are known for. Also, depending on the niche, hotels that work with influencers may gain valuable access into targeted audiences that they might not have sought on their own. Travel bloggers make a great pair-up with hotels as they are influences in the travel industry.

Social media plays a vital role in any hotel positioning through marketing strategy and beyond. In conjunction with other forms of positioning, social media can leverage your online communities to allow those relationships to flourish with potential guests who turn into evangelist and customers.

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