Tips for Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy

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Tina Cheong
Tina Cheong
December 3, 2015

By now a lot of hoteliers have started using Pinterest daily as part of their strategy for their hotels. Pinterest provides a lot of opportunities for you to potentially reach customers that you may not be able to reach under different circumstances. There a lot of ways to use Pinterest for marketing purposes, but here are a few tips that would definitely help boost your hotel’s visibility when using Pinterest.

Scheduling and pinning consistently

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This one is obvious, but sometimes people forget how effective it is. Pinning everyday at least several times a day could make a huge difference in your engagement to your Pinterest account. Scheduling pins are a great way to space out your pins and help pins go out after you have left work for the day. Busier hotels might want to pin at least 20 pins per day, but your followers won’t enjoy seeing 20 pins in a row from you all at once. This would cause the followers to think you’re spamming and they could unfollow you as a result. Pinning daily also lets your followers know that you are active on your account and it also provides fresh content for them to view every time they go onto Pinterest. A great way to find all your content ahead of time instead of finding it on the day of is creating a secret board and pinning all future content onto that board.

Specific image size matters

Did you know that vertical images are the most appealing on Pinterest?

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Take a look at this example of a board of images on Pinterest. The vertical images stand out way more than the horizontal images. In a webinar with Cynthia Sanchez, she discussed the importance of having vertical images when choosing what specific images to pin. Vertical images are more likely to be noticed by the audience, and the image needs to be at least 735 pixels wide so that it fills up all the space after it’s been clicked on.

Use Text in your Images

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You will find that quite a few pins on Pinterest that have text on the images. The reason why images have text on them is because every board is filled with a bunch of images, and it’s hard for your audience to know what your pin is about without actually clicking on the pin itself. Including text in the image will give the audience an idea what the pin is about. As a hotelier, each of your hotels must offer something about it’s location. So in this example, a hotel in Los Angeles would pin about specific places to eat and visit in the area. All of these images have text included which makes it easier for the audience to see when they are browsing through your board. Each of these pins would provide valuable information for anyone planning on staying at your hotel or visiting the location anytime soon.  

Adding Keywords 

Last but not least, adding keywords into your boards and description for your pins could really make a difference in your strategy. For hoteliers, keywords that might be useful would include hotels in Los Angeles or things to do in Los Angeles for example. Including certain keywords like that could help your desired audience find your content more easier.

Pinterest is heavily image based, and every hotelier should start using Pinterest if they aren’t already on the channel. In addition to uploading gorgeous photos of your own property, Pinterest is a great way to showcase what your guests can do while they are in the local area. Overall, there are a lot of ways to utilize Pinterest for your hotel. What other tips do you think hoteliers need to be aware of when creating their Pinterest marketing strategy?

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