Exploring The Mobile Travel Guide, Everplaces


Golda Criddle

Jan 30, 2013


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The travel guide industry is moving in an exciting direction, with a focus on mobile, professional content, and images. There is a travel guide that utilizes the power of mobile and combines it with the popularity of bookmarking pictures: Everplaces.

Everplaces is a “Pinterest” purely for mobile destinations. Users can bookmark or favorite tips, content, services at any given destination and share the content with others, who can also add information. You can add photos from your phone, and the application will automatically detect the location where the images were taken.

Another great feature of Everplaces is the ability to build lists as your customized travel guide. On your home page, Everplaces displays recommendations from featured users. Based on your pictures, the app will recommend other places and photographs. Of course, here comes the challenge: will these results be relevant? Perhaps not, but there is no doubt that Everplaces is a beautiful and fun way to keep track of favorite places.

You can also import your “Places” from Google Maps into your Everplaces collection. There is also a bookmarklet you can add to your browser tab so that you can instantly add a place when you stumble upon it while browsing.

Indeed, recommendations from Everplaces may not be as valuable as the professional reviews on popular review sites. They do have the potential to share space in the travel industry with user-generated guides like Foursquare, TripAdvisor, and Yelp. Have you tried Everplaces yet?

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