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Alex Corral

Apr 28, 2016


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Customer Goal

Get more business on The customer operates an online notary directory that caters to lenders, real estate organizations, and anyone who needs mobile notary services. Their notary advertisers pay a monthly fee to be listed in the directory, and buyers who need notary services use the directory to locate and hire mobile notaries. Their assumption was, more click-throughs from LinkedIn = more $$.

The Challenge

Although 123Notary had been in business since 1999, they didn’t know how to leverage LinkedIn to get more business. 

The Analysis

The E-Marketing Associates team analyzed traffic from LinkedIn to the website and determined that each new visitor generated an average of $5 in incremental subscription revenue. To get the customer more business, we needed to increase the number of referrals from LinkedIn to the website, and the revenue would follow.

Here’s How We Did It

First off, we enhanced their existing LinkedIn Group by connecting with influencers in the notary industry. The strategy was to start conversations and increase engagement between new and established notaries, which would increase their credibility and re-position as a thought leader. This elevated level of engagement would lead to increased group membership, an increase in direct traffic to their website, and, ultimately, more revenue.

Steps to Achieve the Goal

Locate influencers in the notary industry that were not a part of the group

  1. Since LinkedIn is inherently selfish, we would leverage this to promote career-centric or career-advancing articles within the group. 
  2. This would encourage more social activity in the group.
  3. More people in the group would mean increased readership of our content, which would generate more traffic to the website, and more revenue for the customer.

Capabilities Used

The Results (February – March 2016)

  • Increased traffic from Group to Website from 183 to 222 (+39, up 21%)
  • 21% month-over-month compounded revenue increase ($133 to $161 to $195 etc.)
  • Increased Personal “Connections” 1,236 to 1,926 (+690, up 56%)
  • Moved “Notary” Group position from 8 to 5 (38% increase)
  • Increased “Notary” Group Members from 2,459 to 2,582 (+123, up 5%)

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