Pinterest Board Ideas for Hotels


Arielle Reyes

Sep 14, 2015


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Pinterest is quickly becoming one of the most popular social media channels. As with most social media channels, one of the most popular subjects that Pinterest users are searching for is travel-related information. What does this mean for hoteliers? It means that your hotel should definitely be on Pinterest! Just as with other interests, Pinterest is an excellent way for users to organize their travel plans. Help travelers out by giving them a considerable amount of information about your property and the local area. Here are some Pinterest board ideas that hotels can benefit from.

1. Property Board

You want to showcase your property on Pinterest, which is why a board about your hotel should be the first thing you work on. Gather some great photos of your hotel and upload them to this board. This can include anything from your rooms, amenities, outside view, the pool, or anything else that represents your property. Make sure each shot is appropriately labeled. Though you want to make sure your photos are high quality, make sure you are accurately representing your hotel.

2. Local Attractions

Local attractions around your hotel are one of the top reasons guests are in the area. Come up with a list of the most popular attractions near your property that guests are interested in. Chances are, others who are looking to stay in the area will also be interested in these attractions as well. For example, if your hotel is in Hollywood, you would include attractions such as the Walk of Fame, the Hollywood Sign, Universal Studios, the Hollywood Bowl, etc. This board will let potential guests know what is around your hotel and what they have to look forward to when they stay with you.

3. Events at the hotel

If your hotel hosts several events throughout the year, create a board to show travelers the types of events your hotel is capable of hosting. If your hotel hosts weddings, you will want to include photos of how the venue looks when it is decorated for a wedding. If your hotel hosts business meetings, you would want to show pictures of different setups your hotel can offer to accommodate business travelers. Remember, if you wish to include photographs with your guests, it is best to get their permission before posting pictures of them online.

4. Special Features of the Hotel

Not all hotels are created equal. What makes your hotel unique? If your hotel offers something that no hotels in the area offer, you want to let guests know about this. This is especially true if it could make the difference of whether or not a guest books your hotel versus the hotel across the street from you.

5. Food

Does your hotel have dining services? If so, create a board showing photos of the various types of food you offer. This works whether your hotel has a restaurant, a mini-market, or just room service. Even if you don’t have an actual restaurant on-site, you can still create a food board to show local eateries around the hotel. If you are not familiar with all of the restaurants that are nearby, be sure to check Yelp or other review sites to make sure you are not recommending restaurants that do not provide the same type of service as your hotel.

6. Your Staff

People love to see the human side of businesses. Though your hotel is primarily a business, it is also made up of real people who provide service to the guests visiting the property. Give potential guests an inside look at your hotel by sharing photos of your staff. This will make travelers feel connected to your hotel and staff before they even arrive!

7. Blogs

Though you want to provide a sufficient amount of information about your hotel on Pinterest, you also want to drive traffic over to your website. Sharing your blogs on Pinterest is a great way to drive users back to your site. Make sure you are sharing your blogs on this channel to encourage visits to your website.

What other board ideas do you have for hotels?

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