It’s Time to Create a Social Customer Care Team


Tina Cheong

May 8, 2015


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When it comes down to writing a review about a hotel, the majority of guests include the aspect of customer service into it. Every hotel is capable of providing a pleasant experience for their guests by making them feel as comfortable as possible during their stay with the variety of amenities they offer. So what would make them stand out over their competitors? The answer is none other than customer service. Even though customer service is a massive part of the hospitality industry, not every hotel tends to provide the best customer service when necessary. Customer service is such a crucial aspect in creating loyalty, and negative reviews regarding customer service may harm the hotel’s reputation. Now it’s no secret that social media has been growing increasingly quick. Starting as a platform for marketing, it is slowly turning into a platform geared towards customer service as interaction with customers increases across all platforms.

From the consumer’s perspective, they would much rather contact someone related to customer service via social media since most consumers do spend a fair amount of their free time online already. For example, sending a message to the hotel via Facebook would be much more convenient than calling the hotel directly and risk being put on hold for an extended period. According to, this is called a social customer care team, and it is time for hoteliers to invest in creating one since it is becoming more common for consumers to seek out customer service via social media.

This social customer care team would essentially combine social media with customer service. Since contact through social media would be purely writing, that does not mean the person responding can use one standard message for all questions. Personalized responses indicate a lot more, and it will show consumers that they are interacting with an actual person and not a robot through the screen. Since social media is something that most people check pretty often in their free time, the team must be able to respond to the consumers in a short amount of time. If the issue cannot be resolved through social media, there should always be an option to contact a manager so that the problem does get fixed as soon as possible.

This team will be able to see what aspects of the hotel are preferred by consumers and what areas they could work on. Being able to answer questions and resolve any issues immediately will show consumers that hotels take customer service through social media seriously. This will also help increase customer loyalty since customer service is crucial to any business.

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