Seven Reasons Why Hotels Should be Using Social Media


Jacqueline Puga

Jul 7, 2017


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Social Media

There is no denying that social media can be both a curse and a blessing. There are numerous examples of what can go wrong like bad reviews plaguing social media platforms, an employee posting something inappropriate on the brand’s official account, or a post that misses the mark. But all these amendable errors are outweighed by the enormous benefits of using a social media strategy for hotels. Here are seven reasons why your hotel should use social media!

Showcase & Strengthen your Brand

Let the people know who you are! Social media is a fantastic way to tell everyone what you stand for since you control the content and craft the image for your hotel! Are you luxury, affordable, high-class, relaxed? However, it is that your identity, make sure you display that brand through your photos, videos, and other content.

Create Realistic Expectations

This is how you justify the price at checkout. Why is it that a luxury hotel can charge hundreds of dollars for a night while others charge less than one hundred? Show your audience exactly what you are going to give them when they book with you. If you showcase extravagant amenities like a sauna, on-site spa, or prime location, you can justify a top-dollar price. Otherwise, if you are offering a budget-friendly option for travelers looking for an affordable room, show them what they get too. Showcasing your hotel in an accurate light creates realistic expectations for the consumers that may lead to more accurate reviews since the consumer understands what they are purchasing.

Form & Strengthen Relationships

Connecting with your audience on social media may be one of the most significant benefits for your hotel. If you send out appropriate content that resonates with your target audience, they may see that you are similar to them, and they may be more inclined to book with a familiar hotel.

Reach New Customers

With almost 2 billion users worldwide on Facebook, 700 million monthly Instagram users, and 328 million monthly Twitter users, there are bound to be people that fit your target audience demographic. You can set up ads targeting specific ages, genders, locations, and other demographics to match the type of customer you are looking for! With so many potential leads, you can bet on social media to produce new and loyal customers!

Give Value

Show your audience the benefits they will get from all the features of your hotel. The benefits are what will make their stay better to one degree or another. If you say, you have a “central location,” that doesn’t describe the perk for your guest. On the other hand, if you describe it as “less than one mile” from a concert venue, theme park, or popular restaurants, they can truly see why they will benefit from staying at your centrally located hotel.

Show you Keep up with Modern Technology

Another great reason why it’s crucial to have various social media accounts is that your hotel should not be left behind when it comes to modern technology. By contributing a public face for your hotel, you are telling the world that you are keeping up to date with social media, and they can expect the same from your hotel.

Provide a Voice

A significant aspect of social media it that you can respond to comments in real-time. If someone says that they can’t wait for their vacation to swim in your pool, it’s a good idea to like their post and respond with an equally enthusiastic response. The user will be excited that the official account responded to their post, and they will look forward to their experience even before they set foot in your hotel! If there any questions from users, you can answer them via social media, and it’s even better if the questions come in the form of comments because other users will be able to see your response to these questions. If there are any concerns or negative reviews, you can even do some damage control in the comments section but choose your battles carefully! It might be a good idea at times to send a private message regarding a specific issue.

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