Hootsuite's New Composer

Hootsuite's New Composer
Arielle Reyes
Arielle Reyes
June 10, 2019
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Hootsuite is one of the most popular social media scheduling tools in 2019. Recently, the company released a brand new Composer for creating posts. Likewise, the Bulk Uploader received as a makeover as well. You may have even seen the notice below on your Hootsuite Dashboard.

Hootsuite had been using the same style Composer for ages, so a new change was welcomed by loyal users everywhere. The new Composer is very similar to the old, so there won’t be much of an adjustment period for those who are weary of change.

When you launch the new Composer it will look like the image below. The major difference you’ll notice is the fact that it’s a lot larger and has a new section to the right. This section will actually give you a preview of how your post will look once it’s posted, which is super helpful. In the past, you were given a smaller preview once the post was scheduled, however it wasn’t the exact preview of how the posted content would look. This is a game changer, as you can fix any errors or adjust the post to how you want it to look when it’s posted on your various social media channels.

As you fill in information, the preview on the right will automatically update. If you choose more than one social media channel for the post to be pushed out to, such as Facebook and Instagram, you will be shown two different previews - one for each channel.


If you’re uploading a post for Facebook, you have some additional options at the bottom. These include:

  • Deciding which album the post should go in
  • The ability to promote the post
  • Adding a location
  • Choosing an audience

For Instagram and Twitter, the only additional field is adding a Location.


To schedule pins on Pinterest, instead of clicking New Post, click the drop down arrow.

Pinterest has a completely different form that needs to be filled out compared to other social networks. First, select the board you would like to post the pin to. Next, upload the image and add the website. Content can be added under description, and will appear on the right as you type.

Hootsuite is still allowing users to use the legacy composer for the time being. Simply click the drop-down arrow next to New Post and select Open Legacy Composer, as shown in the photo below. You can watch the intro video here on using the new Hootsuite Composer.

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