5 Tools Everyone Should Use To Improve Their Social Media Presence


Jacqueline Puga

Dec 6, 2018


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Social media is a powerful tool in today's digital world, and marketers are always looking to improve their feed and account with content that speaks to their audience in a new and fresh way. Keeping your followers engaged takes a lot of work, but here are five tools to help make that a little bit easier, even if you are going for a new social media strategy for hotels.

1. Schedulers

Schedulers are a great way to save time. When you create content for multiple social media accounts across various channels, you can upload this material in one sitting to go out at later times. These tools are great because most of the popular platforms allow you to manage various accounts across various channels, all from the same management board. Great examples of popular schedulers are Buffer & Hootsuite. Although these tools aren't free, the small fee they charge for using their service is quickly earned back by the amount of valuable time it will save you.

2. Photo Editing Tools

One of the greatest inventions of the 20th century is the digital photograph. It's a central aspect of social media. These great visuals convey a large amount of information in a very compact format. It's essential to edit photographs to enhance their visual impact. Enhancing colors can show a more vibrant version that may be more visually appealing, darkening blacks can make subjects "pop" on the screen, and so on. Tools like Adobe Lightroom are perfect for making impactful changes. If you need something with a little bit more power than Lightroom, Affinity is a great alternative to photoshop with a lower price and access to lifelong updates from the company. If you are looking for the bare minimum, PicMonkey gets the job done. It's a great place to start for beginners, and it's FREE!

3. Graphics Tools

Once your photos are color-corrected, you can attract more attention to them by adding visual elements to your photos. From simple borders to patterns, you can add them with LiveLuvCreate. For more complex designs, you can create custom designs to fit any dimensions in Adobe InDesign. If you're looking for something in the middle, there's Canva. If you're new to Canva, think about it as a very watered-down version of InDesign. That being said, it has all the basics you need from fonts, to free photos all on one tool. It's perfect for creating simple projects that use graphic elements to enhance the images.

4. Analytic Tools

Some of the most powerful tools you can use when it comes to social media are analytic tools. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram all have built-in tools to help you make the best out of the data from past posts to use for your future posts. The powerful thing about analytics is that you can see how your posts perform and try to replicate well-performing content once again. You can use insights to learn more about what your audience likes and what to avoid based on your niche. Keep on testing to find the best types of posts for your audience on various channels.

5. Influencers

Although this isn't quite a "tool," it makes our list as a great resource to use while upping your social media game. Partnering with influencers has many great benefits. Some of the user-generated content benefits include gaining access to niches, which would be hard to tap into through any other rout. Followers trust influences and are loyal, so a recommendation from these, even if it's from sponsorship goes a long way.

Using these tools is an excellent move for enhancing your posts. Give them a try to see what they can do for you.

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