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Jacqueline Puga

Mar 24, 2017


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Social Media

As hoteliers, it's essential to continually look for new ways of attracting guests to our hotels. From optimized websites to hotel blogs our end goal is the same: book empty rooms. Although our approach to every avenue is distinct, I'm going to be highlighting a key point to implement for a successful social media strategy for hotels.


It might seem obvious but be thorough. Getting your social media channels up and running is great, but make sure to fill out all your information without skipping any fields. How frustrating is it when customers looking to call a hotel can't find the phone number on their Facebook page? Very! And you should be even more upset by this because it is preventable! Take the time to make it as easy as possible for the guests to navigate through each social media channel and find the information they need. Add a beautiful cover photo on your Facebook page, make sure the address is correct, put up links to your website to drive traffic. Every little bit helps, so don't lose customers over missing information.

The Benefit of Visuals

Social media is all about catching a reader's attention, and visuals have a lot to do with that. A witty caption pulls a reader in, but it's a bright photo that initially gets a reader to look at the text in the first place. There are many ways to turn ordinary photographs into spectacular visuals that captivate audiences. Popular software can help you adjust the brightness, contrast, and saturation of a photo to make it more appealing. There is a plethora of applications and websites that help you do this, many of them free. You can even add text or simple borders to make an image "pop." Another aspect to keep in mind while choosing photographs is the brand of your hotel. Make sure you are visually consistent throughout all social media channels to create the same feel for your hotel. By positioning yourself as a specific type of hotel, luxury, boutique, budget, or somewhere in the middle, you're aligning yourself with your ideal consumer.


Although great photos can get a person to look at a post, there must be equally effective content for a reader to keep their eyes on your page. Creating captions is a large part of social media that can strengthen your brand. The recurring themes of your posts should be your hotel's highlights. Use each caption as an opportunity, so show your audience why they should choose you over your competitors. Is your price better, are you closer to downtown, do you have more delightful amenities? Each hotel is different, so pinpoint what makes you unique and leverage that by showcasing it on your social media platforms.


Everyone loves to save, and travelers are no exception. Pique their interest by promoting a current special on social media. If you have an ongoing discount post about it on each channel. Exclusive deals, promotions, and giveaways might be the final push, a potential prospect needs to book your hotel, so if you have them flaunt them! But be aware of the regulations established by each medium. Some channels have rules against certain types of promotions, and your account may be deactivated if any violations are found. Do your research on what you can and can't do and how to word your advertisement. For example, you can't have a post asking Facebook users to follow you, but you can do that on Instagram. Create significant value for your customers, and it might just be what they need to book your room. 

These tips should be used as a concise guide for your social media strategy. Each hotel is different, and each approach needs to be tailored, but these tips are a general starting point to get you well on your way to getting more reservations through your hotel's social media strategy.

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