3 Tips To Make Your Hotel More Personable


José Gómez

Oct 4, 2018


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What sets you apart from your competitor? Why would a guest want to stay at your hotel compared to another? Your website can have all the descriptive content and FAQ pages you want. Still, there is one crucial aspect you need to incorporate that is becoming increasingly important as we become more and more social in the digital space. It would be best if you put a face behind your hotel. You need to exhibit that you aren’t just some anonymous team, but that there is a person, or people, behind the company. Show that you and your team are personable! The following are a few ideas of how to spruce up your hotel’s personality on the web.

Create an admiring About Us page

Tell your followers how your hotel came to be. Take funny photos of your staff. If you manage a large hotel, take pictures of your team leaders. Have them share what their favorite aspect of the hotel is. You could link to each person’s specific social media profiles or do “fun facts” about each person. Use bright colors to make your page pop so your fans can spot you. You are limitless when it comes to creativity.

Think again about using a company logo as your profile picture

Businesses have more opportunities to be personable. Instead of putting a logo on your cover photo for Facebook, innovatively showcase your hotel. A logo in your cover photo decreases the personable value when your followers interact with your page. It speaks more about business than trying to attract potential clients. On Twitter, use a photo of your company representative or the tweeter herself. Doing so attracts more people to interact with your profile because there’s a face to the medium compared to a robot. More often than not, you will get blocked because the user thinks you’re a spambot. Be innovative, be creative, and be memorable.

Integrate video

Make a short video of your hotel and the staff to post on your website. You can even showcase this on your Instagram as a story. It is another fun way to showcase your business and its personality. Remember to keep it short! If anyone in your company has an exceptional talent or you have a cool office space, why not show that off a little bit too? The first 5 seconds of a video should capture your audience so you can reel them into other content.

There are so many ways you can bring a little personality to your hotel online!

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