3 Reasons You Should Use Explainer Videos

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José Gómez
José Gómez
March 19, 2019

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October 2, 2019

Memorable Videos Help Improve Your Brands

The thing that makes videos incredibly capturing is that it engages both visual and auditory sensory perceptions. Your product or service gains an advantage for prospective clients, which, in turn, leads to boost the exposure. The real significance of an explainer video throws large and complicated ideas into a convenient package. Brand awareness is increased. It allows visitors to have a better idea or concept of what your company does and why its products or services are not only useful but essential.

The beneficiaries of this understanding are your brand and value propositions. So for the next time, a prospective client needs to sort out a need/want, your brand’s ethic and value come to the fore.‍

People Don’t Read Anymore

I know some of you don’t want to accept it, but as technological advances continue, more and more people are reading less. Why read when I can listen to a podcast or watch it in a video. Can you guess what activity has been rising over the years that is nullifying reading? It’s multimedia streaming, centering on people viewing videos. There is such a variety of streaming videos on the web. You can do anything from learning how to gamble to hosting a talk-show, to cooking a full-blown meal. For high visibility and more exposure, having an explainer video for your business website is the way forward.‍

Videos Help Boost Traffic

We’ve seen a 300% increase in traffic since including videos in our marketing initiatives. This allows us to engage the potential clients that are watching our posts in their feed. There’s a tremendous opportunity to increase the rate of engagement on your social platforms, and all it takes is a 30-second to 1-minute video. But you have to have the right formula for your potential clients to stay and watch. Ask yourself: Does your video make an impact? Is it eye-catching? Does your video provide useful information for a potential client to relate so they can continue their purchase? If you said yes, to all these, then you’ve found the answer to your questions. With exciting and engaging videos, your visitors will be able to help you garner a better exposure, and this will increase your referral traffic.

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