Using Twitter to Satisfy Your Guests

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Renee Radia
Renee Radia
November 8, 2013
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October 2, 2019

There is no doubt that businesses and brands will soon begin taking advantage of tweeting to brand ambassadors, customers, and more. Companies within the hospitality industry should be quick to take advantage of this service, as it is low-cost but could have a significant impact. Here are a few ways that tweeting can affect your property.

Appease unhappy guests

Have you ever had someone tweet to your hotel with a complaint? It happens all the time. Depending on the size and influence of the tweeter's network, it's true that the actual consequences of a negative tweet about your brand might not have a massive impact. However, in the age of social media, the word can get around quickly, and you can never be too careful! Either way, the principle remains the same – you have an unhappy guest, and he is writing about it online for virtually anyone to read. Give these upset tweeters a little something to be happy about with a tweet offering some apology and intent of the action. The guest will be glad to have been heard. Other potential bookers can see that your hotel listens to feedback, takes effort, and is kind in return.

Reinforce brand ambassadors

Is there someone on Twitter who is continuously sharing your content? Retweeting you, engaging with you, or even sharing his check-ins at your property with his network on Twitter? Reinforce his passion for your hotel by picking up his next coffee! Not only do you want to make your upset guests happy, but don't neglect to keep your existing fans smiling as well!

Host a contest

Pose a question that sparks conversation about your hotel and retweet the responses. Better yet, host a game where users tweet photos of their best times at your hotel or what they do when traveling around your local area. These tweets catch the eye since the images are attention-grabbing. This is a great way to increase your earned media and user-generated content. Send an eGift card to a lucky participant!

Surprise a current guest

Monitor Twitter to see who is sharing their check-ins at your hotel. Is a guest tweeting about his stay while he is still there? Tweet him something nice to help him start his day exploring your city with a smile and a jolt!

Select people at random or give yourself a limit to send each week. Expand on your hotel's social media strategy and keep your Twitter followers on their toes. Happy tweeting!

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