Interacting with Guests on Various Social Media Channels


Arielle Reyes

Nov 28, 2014


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Social Media

Is your hotel engaging users on all social media sites where you are actively posting? While it’s great to have an active presence by posting often, the whole point of social media is to be social! Interaction and engagement vary slightly based on which social channel you are using. Here’s how your hotel can interact with guests on the most popular channels used by hotels:


On Facebook, users are allowed to interact with your hotel by:

  • Liking your posts and photos
  • Leaving comments on your page
  • Commenting directly on your posts and pictures
  • Sending a private message

Also, they can even leave a review about your property, complete with a star rating. Anytime a user interacts with your hotel in any of the above ways, it’s essential to acknowledge them. You can like their comment or provide a meaningful response. It’s also important to pay attention to your private messages as potential guests often ask questions about your hotel.


Of all the popular social media networks, Twitter is the channel considered to be the one taking place in ‘real-time.’ This means that when guests tweet to a hotel or any other business, they are usually expecting a quick response. It is vital to keep close tabs on any users tweeting to your hotel and provide them with a swift and helpful response. Twitter users can interact with your hotel by:

  • Tweeting directly to you
  • Sending a private message
  • Responding to or ‘favoriting’ one of your tweets
  • Tagging your hotel in a tweet or photo
  • Retweeting you


Pinterest may not seem like a channel where you can actively interact with guests, but it is! Pinterest allows users to like other users’ pins, re-pin content, and comment on pins. Take advantage of this by liking your fans pins, re-pinning items that fit into your current boards, and responding to any comments left on your pins. Remember, everything your account has liked will show up on your profile, so keep that in mind.


Just like Pinterest, Instagram is focused on pictures and starting conversations around great visuals. Users can interact with hotels by commenting on your photos or by tagging the hotel in their photos. Users are now able to send direct images along with a message. However, both users must be following each other to do this. Also, keep in mind that you do not want to spam your followers by sending direct messages. In short, monitor who is commenting and tagging your hotels in photos and be sure to respond promptly.

These are just some basic ways to begin interacting with guests on social media. Develop a strategy with your marketing team to ensure consistency in responses.

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