Facebook Polls: Encouraging Travel


Jacqueline Puga

Dec 11, 2017


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Social Media

When it comes to the internet, people love sharing their opinions! Use this to your advantage as part of your hotel social media strategy and increase user engagement. Let’s explore how hotels can create polls that engage audiences and encourage travel!

First things first, creating a Facebook poll is easy. You have two options when it comes to the types of media for your poll. You can choose either a GIF, a photograph, or a mixture of both. GIFs are great because the movement captivates users while scrolling through the newsfeed. Although GIFs are captivating, make sure that they connect to your brand’s message. GIFs are exceptionally playful, so your brand can use this opportunity to make these particular posts more playful than usual, but if your brand is more conservative, you might want to be selective when it comes to what you share with your audience. They should not portray something other than your brand, or your audience will be confused.

Photos are another alluring option for polls. Images uploaded to Facebook polls can even have text or graphic designs on them! Make your images as beautiful as possible; adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, and add text or visual elements if desired. After all, you want both options in your polls to be alluring to voters. With both GIFs and photos, you can customize how long the poll will run.

There is another option for running Facebook polls that use reactions. Create an image with your “poll” options and add a response next to each item. The use of each reaction represents a vote for that option. Although this “poll” is quickly becoming a popular option on Facebook since it encourages interaction, the results may not be completely accurate. For instance, if you have four reaction options, someone might comment on a reaction that is not part of the “poll.” In that instance, that “vote” would not count.

Overall, hotels can use the poll tool to encourage people to travel due to the subject matter they display. For example, a poll could be used to ask users, “Which is your favorite form of baggage to take with you on vacation?” Another example could be a GIF depicting specific amenities offered by the hotel and may ask which amenities travelers prefer. Overall, the point of these posts is to get Facebook users thinking about your hotel during their travels. Since these polls are often lighthearted and playful, they may gain more momentum than traditional posts. Just remember to use this opportunity to encourage vacationing all year long.

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