The Family Traveler of 2015

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Nigel Rodgers
Nigel Rodgers
July 2, 2015
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Summer vacation is here, the kids are out of school, and gas prices are at an all-time low. This means that more and more families will be traveling together this Summer. Knowing what the family traveler is looking for and satisfying their needs will help your maintain a strong brand image for your hotel. Before selecting a hotel, parents are searching for specific amenities when it comes to their lodging decision. Hoteliers must learn to market to a multi-generational audience in order to attract both parents and their children. When the kids are happy, the parents are happy. Here are a few trends and attributes of the family travelers that will help hoteliers better market their “WOW Factor” and make their hotel the ultimate family-friendly getaway.

Over the past few years, the Road Trip has made a resurgence. Families are piling into their vans and SUV’s and taking long journeys around the country to their destinations. Because a long drive can be tiring, hotels should insist on making check-in as uncomplicated as possible. Also, providing promotions for spas and relaxation will be a big draw for guests making the long drive.

In her travel article, Amy Graff states that dining habits are changing for children. Kids are slowly moving away from fast-food chains and instead are more open and experimental in their dining options. Promoting popular dine-in in restaurants around your hotel will help draw both parents and children who want to make better eating choices.

Family travelers want to spend time together and are always seeking exciting new experiences to share. According to one article, the family-suite is becoming an important hotel commodity. More major and small hotel chains are adding the family-suite rooms to their hotels. Hotels should also promote family-friendly activities that both parents and kids can enjoy together. A survey states that 80% of families want to see new places while 75% want easy accessible destinations. By posting blogs and social media updates about local events and attractions, guests will be more informed on what to do when staying in your hotel.

With many millennials becoming parents, and cultural lines being blurred between generations, one of the most important hotel features to families is free WiFi. Kids, teens, and young adults want to stay connected with their friends and update them about their vacations. Parents want to post family photos. Since everyone is connected, providing free WiFi and charging ports will give your hotel a huge advantage of those without these features.

Family travel is very popular in 2015. Hoteliers should recognize that families want to experience new things together while staying connected to their social lives. Parents want to do things that both adults and children can enjoy. Providing engaging information on your hotel’s website and social media accounts about family-friendly deals, events, restaurants, and attractions will draw more families to your hotel. Follow these trends and keep your family suites full this Summer.

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