3 Tips to Improve Review Results


José Gómez

Oct 15, 2018


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Online reviews have become the standard when looking for more information on how a business or service is rated. Online reviews can be fantastic or horrific. It doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad. The review is there to help make your business better. At the end of the day, when your guest leaves a review after their stay, it all comes down to how you handle the guest experience. By answering reviews, you let the guest and your potential clients know that their words and experience help build your hotel. Let the reviewer know you intend to fix the problem or thank them for staying.‍

Here are 3 Tips That Will Improve Your Online Reviews:

1. Offer Excellent Guest Services

The staff must take responsibility for every customer interaction and provide customers with all the knowledge of the hotel to exceed guests’ expectations. To ensure guest satisfaction and loyalty, hotel staff needs to take every interaction with customers as an opportunity to deliver an extraordinary guest experience. This will make the difference between getting a 2-star review and earning a 5-star review.

2. Analyze Your Current Reviews

Another way you can improve your online reviews is if you read what your guests have been saying. Check out your reviews. What are some of the pros and cons of your hotel through the experience of the guest? Did they like your beds, but not the service? Were all your food selections available during breakfast? Think outside the box and turn those cons into pros.

3. Taking Ownership

Hotel owners and staff managers need to understand the importance of guest reviews and take ownership. Hotel reviews – good or bad – are a direct reflection of hotel staff as a whole. If there are numerous 1-star reviews and no one is addressing them, it shows that the hotel cares less about the guest and more about the reservations they are trying to collect. Care about what is being said about your hotel and act on it!

Exceptional guest experiences include a warm greeting, welcoming tone, big smile, discovering the guest’s needs and interest to suggest local attractions or accommodations, and remember to promote products and benefits throughout the conversation. It will take more than traditional customer service tactics to gain guest retention. This makes your staff members experts and likable, which will increase guest loyalty & improve your online reviews.

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