How to Organically Promote Your Business on Social Media this Holiday Season


Arielle Reyes

Nov 8, 2018


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Today, promoting your business on social media is all about ads. While this is 100% true, there are still some ways you can promote your business organically on social media. It’s accurate that organic reach has plummeted in recent years, especially on Facebook, but there is still some value in trying to promote your business organically. If you think about it, the reason people follow a company on social media is that they’re interested in your products or services.

It helps to create engaging posts and provide information. Use the holidays to your advantage to craft some excellent promotional posts.

Share Deals

No matter what type of business you are, the first kind of post that fans want to see is related to deals or promotions. If your company is offering a promotion this holiday season, you’ll want to make sure you have these posts front and center.

Though it can be tempting, stay away from oversaturating your feed with only this type of post. If you want to ensure that as many people see your promotions as possible, you may be better off running an ad as opposed to creating a slew of posts about the same deal.

Showcase Holiday Related Products

Whether you’re a hotel, a restaurant, or a retailer, most businesses have some type of holiday-related product that they’ll be offering, and your fans want to know about it. Build hype about your holiday product by showing a preview on social media before it’s available.

Even hotels can get into the holiday spirit. If you have unique decorations for the holidays (including in-room), a special meal, or also just holiday cookies out in the lobby for guests to grab, you’ll want to let your fans know on social media.

Recognize Employees

Your employees are what make your business run smoothly and efficiently, and there’s no better time to thank them than during the holidays.

Share Charitable Work

Most companies nowadays recognize the importance of social responsibility. Share this with your social media fans through photos, videos, and descriptions of the work your company is doing.

Show Your Holiday Spirit

Engage fans with new posts related to the holidays. Videos are especially popular on social media, so creating a holiday video to share has the potential to create engagement.

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