Encourage Hotel Employees to Share Local Experiences

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Renee Radia
Renee Radia
September 12, 2012
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I recently came across a guest article on Tnooz that sparked my interest and got me thinking again about the importance of blogging for a hotel. Having your own blog is essential for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to improving your SEO, putting a face behind your property, and keeping your website dynamic. The people or person who writes this blog would typically be the hotel’s social media or marketing manager, or even an outside agency. We have written before about the many possible ideas for blog topics for a hotel but the Tnooz article suggested a fresh idea that has a lot of potential in the travel and hospitality industries – letting hotel employees blog.

Think about how many times a guest comes to the concierge at a hotel and asks about the best local spots. Yes, many of these people may have at one point visited your hotel’s blog for a write-up of a fun local event or hot new restaurant, but if the most recent blog post is a bit stale or the information is not quite up-to-date, some guests might want more of an inside scoop! In cases like these, how perfect would it be to have a separate space on your website where your hotel’s savvy employees can publish stories, photos, videos, etc. of their own local escapades? The Tnooz article calls this Employee Generated Content, similar to User Generated Content, which has been a growing trend in digital marketing lately.

Getting the staff involved will help morale and give employees a fun purpose for exploring their city. You could even offer the employees small incentives for writing or publishing content on the “local’s corner.” Keep in mind, special policies may have to be crafted in order to keep the content appropriate and consistent. The difference between the employee’s blog and the regular blog might be that the latter is comprised of fully-formed paragraphs and includes keywords while an employee’s blog post might be as simple as an Instagram snapshot of a beautiful sunset off a hidden beach. Depending on the size of a hotel’s staff, it’s probable that some of the employees are photo or video enthusiasts themselves or even enjoy writing and would enjoy publishing content that would help guests explore the area.

Of course, many properties might encourage their staff to write for the hotel’s official blog or to post on Facebook, but separating the employee’s content from the marketer’s is a good idea because it ensures that your hotel’s overall social media marketing strategy is not disrupted. What do you think about publishing an employee blog?

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