How Blogging can Positively affect Direct Bookings


Nigel Rodgers

Aug 6, 2015


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There are numerous digital marketing tools available for hoteliers to effectively promote their properties. One of these useful tools is the hotel blog. There are a few reasons why blogs are important. Blogging helps the hotel connect with their audience on a personal level by providing a message that can directly target the customer. Blogs are also effective social media content and, when scheduled regularly, can help your hotel appear connected and up-to-date. Google is partial to newer material, so posting blogs with current copy can help your hotel website rank higher in searches. Greater engagement with your customers can be facilitated through blogs because they allow readers to comment on your posts directly. A blog will get your website greater visibility, which in turn will positively affect your direct bookings. That’s the ultimate goal.

Blogging is more than just coming up with an article about a current event. Some steps can be taken to ensure that your blog is useful. It starts with the title. Use an exciting and interesting title that captures the attention of the audience. Something like “Come See Our Newly Remodeled Rooms” gets the point across, but it isn’t enticing. You want a title that makes you want to read more. Speak to the emotions of the reader with a title like, “Kick back and Relax in our Newly Remodeled Rooms with New Features!” Adding keywords to your blog will also make your site more likely to rank higher in search results. Use keywords that flow seamlessly into the copy of your blog. Also, too many keywords will make your text seem disjointed and clunky, so use them moderately. Another way to get better results is to add a picture to your blog. When you post your blog on social media, it is more likely to receive engagement if there is a picture accompanying the post.

When selecting topics for blogs, choose ones that will interest your target audience. Here are a few items that have been proven to receive high engagement:

  • Special Events like festivals, concerts, and conferences.
  • Popular restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and theatres.
  • Local attractions, city tours, theme parks, and landmarks.
  • Hotel Updates- New services, remodels, customer interviews and reviews, events at the hotel.

Once you select a topic, create well-written content with strong keywords, and post your blog on social media. You will be well on your way to increase traffic to your hotel’s website!

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