Looking to Enhance Your Website? Upload some Videos!


Joshua Meehan

Oct 10, 2014


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With all the constant changes in online marketing, it can be challenging to keep up. Trends are constantly shifting, and your marketing approach needs to do the same. A recent study from Software Advice, a company that reviews hotel management tools, shows that almost 60% of travelers watch online videos about their destination. Of the travelers surveyed, 50% of them preferred to watch these videos on the hotel's website and away from traditional sites like YouTube or Instagram. This shift in trip planning is a unique opportunity for hotels to attract more direct bookings. So what kind of videos should you be hosting on your hotel's webpage?


The videos on your website are often the first experience potential guests have with your hotel. A simple property tour is an effective way to show off your property. Guide your guests through your common areas, show off your room types, and any other vital amenities your property may have. People tend to trust what they see in a video more than still photos these days. With how easy images can be manipulated, videos are often perceived as a much more reliable source of information. Don't stop at just your property, create some videos of your surrounding area as well. Include the large demand generators in your area along with the local hot spots that tourists might typically miss. According to a recent survey by TripAdvisor, 55% of guests are looking to experience local restaurants, so try and avoid showcasing chain restaurants.

People tend to find humorous videos more memorable, but they can be challenging to do correctly. Your guest's sense of humor will vary, and trying to appeal to all of them will be difficult, so when making a video, keep any jokes to a minimum. 57% of travelers surveyed preferred a purely informative video, with only 18% looking for a humorous video. A safe bet is to skip an on-screen presence and use simple narration or use text and music.


The quality of the camera you are using will drastically affect your final product. Thankfully the cost of cameras is dropping sharply. Just a few years ago, a "prosumer" DSLR cameras would easily cost over $1000, but now with advancements in technology, newer Mirrorless Cameras, or the GoPro line of cameras, can produce high-quality shots for only a couple hundred. Avoid using smartphones for filming. While they have improved, they are still a long way off from a handheld camera. If you do not want to purchase new equipment, look into rentals or finding a local photographer to hire for an afternoon. If you are near a local college, check to see if they have a film program. If so, they may be looking for projects for their students and can bring a lot of creativity to your project.

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