Important SEO Updates for Hotels


José Gómez

Aug 3, 2018


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Wake up, Hoteliers! There are a few SEO trend updates that require you to stay up-to-date. Marketing and SEO strategies for hotels are always changing to match the needs of the market. There are new techniques that emerge regularly, and if you are not on the ball, you might miss it. We've compiled these Top 3 updates of the most important SEO trends you need to implement.

Make Mobile Optimization A Top Priority

Nowadays, being without a mobile device is similar to not having a library card. You won't get access to the information you need without it. If you go to dinner, an amusement park, or while walking around, you'll see people on their phones searching and inquiring information. Having a beautiful website for your hotel is critical, but if it's not responsive to mobile, you could be missing out on a lot of potential guests. Therefore, your hotel needs to have a fantastic mobile website, not only to compete with other hotels but to ensure that your mobile-friendly website gets a better search ranking on mobile searches over regular websites. Here are a few ways in which your hotel can improve its mobile site.

Voice Search Function with Natural-Sounding Phrases

In the world of technological advances, we don't have time to stop and type out every detail that comes to mind. Instead of typing out questions, people are speaking to their devices. They are turning to their phone's voice search function to assist and guide them, which has become a rising trend in consumer behavior. Creating conversational, natural language will tend to perform better in the voice search environment. Hoteliers may need to go back to the drawing board during this opportunity to incorporate new keyword phrases into the content of their hotel websites, which can give them an SEO boost. Whether it's searching for the nearest restaurant, finding out business hours, or what time a movie is playing, if your hotel hasn't taken advantage of this trend, then you're missing out! There is a lot of untapped potential and gain to be had if your hotel incorporates voice search into its SEO plan. Here are seven more reasons you should consider a voice search for your hotel.

Captivating Visual Content

When Instagram started in 2010, no one thought the app would live long because it based its content on strong visuals. Eight years later, the company has over 1 billion users online and has impacted visual marketing in every social media platform. Visuals matter! When a consumer searches your hotel, they want to know if it's worth it to stay. High-quality images and videos that can emulate the experience of visiting your hotel when they arrive can drive your hotel to the next level. Take pictures and videos of rooms, amenities, guests, staff, and more. The creative process is in your hands. Quality content that connects the guest emotionally can make all the difference when potential guests are searching for a hotel. Content has always dominated in SEO strategies, but a hotel website's visual content is becoming more critical than ever for ranking in search results and conveying powerful messages to potential guests.

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