How to Stay Productive While Working Remotely


Kathryn Park

Jun 16, 2020


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For some, working remotely is a dream, but for others, a space that is dedicated to work-life and separate from home-life is necessary. Perhaps you’ve found yourself in a situation where your workspace and home are now the same. While this new experience can be intimidating, it can also be one of the greatest things that you do. Working remotely allows for many opportunities and comfort with zero commutes that will save you time and cut down on stress. Transitioning from shared office space to your very own couch takes some getting used to, so keep reading for more information about how to be productive working remotely.

1. Create a schedule‍

It’s easy to get sidetracked when you’re working from home, which is why it’s crucial to create an intricate work schedule. Remember, this schedule is unique to you. You can customize it however you wish if you don’t have to collaborate with others. Setting your hours and planning your day will make it significantly easier to remain on task and have a productive workday. The structure is foundational for a successful remote experience, whether it’s temporary or long-term.

2. Stay connected‍

Working during a video call with team members

The truth is, you’re not the only one on Earth who is working from a home office. If you are a member of a collaborative remote team, it’s imperative to remain on top of all group exchanges. You can do this by engaging in a video call or live chat. Setting these up or participating in requests should be included in your work hours.

3. Designate a space for work only‍

Affiliating home with work defeats the purpose of work-life balance, but if you do it the right way, you won’t have any trouble with separating the two environments. If you struggle with remaining focused while working at home, there’s always your local coffee shop. For the most part, these shops have WIFI, comfortable seating, and plenty of snacks. Considering coffee shops are public spaces, it might get loud or distracting. Never fear, you can still enjoy the ambiance by selecting one of many coffee shops libraries. No matter your vibe, it’ll sure beat the traditional office.

4. Take breaks‍

Man taking a break to stretch

Believe it or not but figuring out how to be productive working remotely includes taking breaks. Forcing yourself to work throughout the day can deplete the quality of work you create and also prevent you from being alert. Taking breaks is necessary, and they allow you to have a moment of relaxation before getting back to your schedule. The beauty of being a full-time remote worker is having the liberty to select your break times. Don’t take long, excessive breaks. Instead, take a handful of small breaks throughout your day until you’ve completed your schedule. Stopping the flow of ideas for an extended period might cause you to abandon your tasks altogether. You can create stopping points in your routine that serve as rewards for completing a certain amount of work.

5. Find some quiet space‍

Under conventional circumstances, you would have an office to retreat to for some much-needed silence so that you can focus on your tasks. However, when working remotely, this might be more difficult to come by, especially if you share your space with other people. You should inform all those who are sharing the space with you that quiet time is imperative, plus, scheduling quiet hours is something that everyone might enjoy!

6. Practice self-care‍

Woman doing yoga in front of the computer

Yep, that’s right, self-care. No matter who you are or what you do for remote work, taking care of yourself can contribute to staying productive. If you feel great, you’ll most likely perform better during your office hours. Self-care has many definitions and can fit into a host of categories. Whether it’s your spa day, a walk around the park, or just sitting outdoors for a few minutes, you should implement a few moments to do these things for the sake of your attention span.

Overall, it’s a matter of commitment when it comes to remaining productive while working remotely. You have to commit yourself to stay on course. You have it in you to be a stellar remote worker, especially if you implement some of the tips above that are designed to keep you operating at your best. Give them a try and keep track of your success.

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