How Repurposing Content Can Save You Time


Jacqueline Puga

Jul 13, 2018


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Repurposing content for your various social media channels can be beneficial! Doing this alone can help save you hours by tweaking content rather than spending more of your time creating something new from scratch. Just like user-generated content benefits, recycling old materials can be of great assistance to anyone creating posts for multiple social media channels.

Video can be used in multiple ways for various channels. It is one of the most resource-consuming forms of content, but usually, the format that performs the best across the board. Once you create a video, you can adjust it in various ways to use across multiple channels. For example, if you had initially made a horizontal format for Facebook or Twitter, you can change the orientation of a video to vertical to use for IGTV, which only uses vertically oriented video clips. Another way you can reformat it is to make shorter video clips from one long initial video. You can take small segments, a quote, or any information of value that can stand on its own and share it with your audience in smaller, more digestible pieces. If you find that your original video is packed with super useful information, you can pull quotes from the video, transcribe that to text, add a photo and make that a single post that links back to the video. You aren’t creating something new. Instead, you are changing the format of the information your audience receives into various digestible configurations.

Other pieces that can be reused and made into shorter, shareable segments are listicles. If you often write lists that are jam-packed full of information, realize that they can be made into short posts that stand on their own. You can even add photos to them. You can do this with Q&A segments and any other types of list that you have on hand. You can also make these into graphics or repurpose them with old photos that you have on hand.

Another critical component of this time-saving strategy is to share your evergreen content from time to time. You don’t want to share the same stuff over and over so that it is obvious, but if something has merit and your audience can still gain value from it, go ahead and share. Having various pieces of evergreen content can be extremely helpful, but initially, you will have to put in the time and effort to create exceptional content that can stand the test of time.

But don’t stop there, you don’t just have to share the materials you produce. You can also share materials created by others in your field. If there is another blog post about something that your target audience may like, you can share that with them. Leading them to valuable resources will not discredit you but rather make you or your company seem more knowledgeable about your field. The more sources you can confirm or add value to your assertions, the better it is for everyone. Good sources of quality content are well-established brands, they don’t have to be huge, but they have to know what they are doing and experts in the field.

Lastly, you can share glowing reviews about your company. If you’re putting in the work and making your customers happy, you should be able to show off! You can post outstanding reviews that showcase anything from excellent customer service to exceptional amenities and anything in between. Receiving a compliment is always a great thing, and it’s even better when you can repurpose and integrate it into your social media strategy, so go ahead and do so!

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