How to Increase Engagement on your Hotel’s Social Media Channels


Jacqueline Puga

Dec 29, 2016


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Social Media

Does your hotel have a lot of followers but few interactions? Don’t worry, most brands do. Although it is necessary to have followers on social media, it is ideal to have an engaged audience rather than a large one. Interested audience members will become your #1 fans and will continue to speak about your brand long after they have turned off their screens. Growing your engagement is a sign that your audience enjoys your content and may eventually purchase your product or service.

Though many social media platforms exist, it is best to decide which ones are best for your hotel. For example, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook all offer opportunities to visually showcase your hotel once you’ve snapped a quick photo. Other platforms like Youtube may not be such a good idea, unless you have the time and resources to invest in scripting, recording, and editing high-quality video.

Once you’ve decided what platforms are best for your hotel, take a look at social media strategy for hotels and hone in on your brand’s identity. Strengthening your brand comes from not only a fancy logo, but also each social media post. Hone in on your hotel’s personality and make your story heard through your voice. Your hotel has it’s own identity, so use each post as an opportunity to continue making that voice stronger. Identify your niche and stay consistent with your brand, so you don’t confuse your audience. If you’re a luxury hotel, exude luxury, if you’re an affordable brand, let your audience know what great value they are getting. Give them what they came for!

Details are important too. Put in the work and fill out as many fields as possible on each post. For example, Instagram and Facebook both give you the option to input your location. You might be tempted to skip this step, but doing so would be a missed opportunity for your hotel to reach new audience members. This audience is doing their research using location tools, and it might give you hotel Facebook post ideas by keeping in mind the location. Take the extra step and fill out each field as best as you can.

Another great way to get more eyeballs on your content is by tagging whenever possible. Perhaps you are featuring a local attraction or are posting about an upcoming concert in the area. Both of these are great opportunities to use a tag. When people search on social media for their favorite attraction or celebrity, they can stumble across your post while looking for information about what you featured. When this happens, it is common for users to click on the post and eventually make their way onto your hotel’s social media profile to peek at the rest of the feed you’ve been sharing. The same goes for hashtags. You do not want to miss out on these valuable opportunities that are already at your fingertips.

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