HotelSwaps Boosts Employee Retention in the Hospitality Industry


Golda Criddle

Feb 1, 2013


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Do you work in the hospitality industry? If so, whether you are a manager or only part of the staff, you may be interested in learning about HotelSwaps, an innovative new hotel staff retention, and incentive program. Hotel managers and owners can exchange their vacant hotel rooms with other hotel members around the world for staff reward, training, and other incentive purposes.

Hotels can deposit room nights during slow periods in exchange for points. These points can be awarded to high-performing employees in exchange for free hotel stays at other member hotels. Employee recruitment and retention are one of the most significant issues facing the hospitality industry today. HotelSwaps is a creative and inexpensive way to reward hotel staff and make use of unused hotel rooms. The program is flexible in allowing owners to send members of their team on training breaks to similar hotels or reward its staff with a family vacation.

Hotels can apply for membership on the HotelSwaps website. They claim to generally approve 3 to 5-star properties in attractive locations to benefit members. The point value of room nights deposited varies depending on a hotel's category and seasonality. There are low, mid and high season weeks as well as seven quality categories depending on hotel facilities and amenities, local star ratings, location desirability, and pricing.

"Not only can HotelSwaps be built into a training and incentive program, but it also has spun off benefits such as additional revenues, qualitative feedback, and sharing of best practices."

"We look forward to affiliating many quality hotels to the program and seeing HotelSwaps become a pivotal partner to the hospitality industry for years to come," comments Preben Vestdam, Managing Director of HotelSwaps.

In my opinion, HotelSwaps seems like a great use of empty hotel rooms as incentives for the retention and training of hospitality employees. Hotel owners have nothing to lose when trying out this creative new program. I believe other industries could also profit from taking a similar approach to incentivize employee retention.

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