Three Ways To Get More Business For Your Hotel During The Holidays


Melody Ciria

Nov 17, 2016


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The holiday season is just right around the corner, which means hotels need to take advantage of the increased revenue and direct online bookings it can potentially generate. The holidays are one of the busiest times for travel. Therefore, hoteliers need to take this as an opportunity to showcase their hotel’s unique features and creativity by devising a marketing strategy geared towards holiday travel shoppers. During this time of the year, family vacations are especially frequent, which means hotels need to create unique holiday-themed specials, content, and decorations. Hotels should incorporate both online and offline marketing tactics to entice holiday travelers to book with your hotel. To maximize your revenue during this holiday season, here are a few helpful marketing tips you can integrate with your own hotel’s strategy.

Run a Holiday-Themed Package/Special

The holidays are one of the most exciting times of the year for hotels to offer creative holiday-themed packages. If your hotel is located near an ice rink, a Thanksgiving parade, or a Christmas tree lighting ceremony, then leverage this marketing opportunity by creating a special incorporating those local events. Add even more value to the package by adding a complimentary shuttle ride to the event or/and dining credit to your hotel’s restaurant. Brainstorm new special offers to run or repurpose specials you are currently offering and add a festive twist. For instance, if your hotel is already running a shopping package, then tailor the offer to reflect the holidays. Create a holiday shopping package that includes festive amenities like complimentary hot chocolate, comfy his and her bathrobes, and, if applicable, a pumpkin facial at your hotel’s spa.

Share Local Holiday Events on Blog

Now that you’ve come up with a special, it’s time to share it on your hotel’s website and social media channels.  For added exposure, create a separate landing page or dedicate a blog about the holiday package you are running.  If your hotel is located near a venue that is hosting a Christmas parade and you are expecting a huge turnout, then make sure to promote it on your hotel’s website. Also, tie it in with a special offer to add more value.

Along with posting holiday blogs, you may also want to create a calendar of events on your website to make it readily available for visitors to find things to do around the area. Be your area’s holiday-expert and let your website be a one-stop-shop for visitors, so they don’t have to navigate to different sites to do additional research.

Spice up your Menu with Holiday Favorites

Appeal to enthusiastic foodies by spicing up your hotel restaurant’s menu with holiday favorites. If your hotel has a restaurant, change it up to reflect the holiday. For example, incorporate Christmas themed drinks like egg nog or peppermint flavor cocktails. Promote your holiday menu on your social media channels, including Foursquare, to attract foot traffic to your hotel. Implement a check-in offer that would create even more buzz around the seasonal menu. Don’t forget to post up pictures on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram to create even more conversations with your community and gain new followers along the way.

Share in the holiday spirit with your guests at the front desk by implementing these holiday marketing tips.

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