Hospitality Marketing: 5 Tactics to Use for the Holiday Season


Krystal Contreras

Sep 21, 2016


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Summer is over, and it’s time to start implementing seasonal marketing themes. It may be September, but the holidays are approaching quicker than you may think. Furthermore, your customers are already beginning to plan their annual family visits and vacations for this time of year. Don’t fall behind! Here are five strategies you should be utilizing now to reel in potential customers and prepare for the holiday season.

Create a Holiday Special

Every shopper loves to find deals and specials, especially during the holiday season. Although the holiday season is a time for which consumers are most inclined to spend, they also want to get the most for their money. Creating a holiday special gives you an edge over your competitors, or if your business rival also offers holiday specials, creating your aids you in competing with them. Ultimately, it would help if you gave potential customers a reason as to why your location is the best choice for holiday lodging.

Promote That Special

Creating a holiday special is a good step, but what good is that listing if it is hidden somewhere within your website? Promoting the special on the homepage is a great way to grab the interest of a viewer. However, promoting the deal on your website is only suitable for reaching the potential customers who are already on your site. What about those who have never visited your site? Add the listing on your other web accounts like TripAdvisor or Groupon. It also is essential for you to utilize your business’s social media channels to expand your reach. For example, using the check-in feature on your hotel’s Facebook page, you can arrange a “check-in special” that offers customers who check-in on Facebook an extra incentive to share your business with their followers.

Use Holiday Search Terms in SEO

During this time of the year, people tend to search for more holiday-related results. Incorporating keywords such as “Holiday Specials” or, more specifically, “Hotel Holiday Specials,” will help your business stand out in regards to web traffic. Apply such search terms on your website, social media, and blog posts for maximum effect.

Create Holiday-Themed Pages

Get into the holiday spirit! Redesign your website and social media channels to reflect the holidays, with seasonal fonts, styles, images, and colors. This will show potential customers that your business is involved in the festivities of the season. Including holiday-themes across your online channels builds your business’s character, making it more relatable and welcoming to potential customers.

Post-Holiday Related Content

Don’t stop at design; continue spreading holiday cheer throughout your media accounts and blog posts. Write and post about upcoming holiday events, restaurants, and attractions nearby. Potential customers are interested in learning about activities they can partake in if and when they choose to stay at your hotel.

Take advantage of the holiday season and cater to the needs and interests of your target audience. Be creative with your execution, and have some fun!

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