The Importance of Video Marketing


Nigel Rodgers

Jun 12, 2015


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Hotel marketers are aware that strong content can take a website a long way. Being able to engage and entice potential guests with your copy is what will raise the likelihood of keeping your rooms filled. Blogs, pictures, and social media posts are all useful forms of content, but brands are using another type of media, and it’s yielding great results: video. Popular video site Youtube released traffic data stating that they receive 1 billion new visitors a month. This means that nearly 1 in 2 people on the internet are looking at videos on Youtube. Youtube is also the second-most used search engine after Google. With so many eyes watching worldwide, hoteliers can cast a wider net when utilizing video content for marketing.

The importance of video marketing has been recognized and is being used by marketers in every industry. According to research gathered by Marketing Tech Blog, 93% of marketers say they use video, and 67% say that it is somewhat successful. Videos can be used to show future hotel guests the beautiful attributes of a hotel and the surrounding location. Travel marketing research states that 60% of travelers watch videos of their destinations before they arrive. Also, 50% of all mobile traffic is dedicated to watching videos. Video is one of the most potent forms of content marketing, and marketers know it.

Merely placing a video on a landing page is not going to have the same impact as a strategized agenda. The first step hoteliers must take is to define a purpose. What do you want to accomplish with your video? What do you want viewers to do after watching? Next, decide on the type of video content you will use. These can be fun promotional ads created by the hotel. Another useful type of video is the virtual tour. Adding a virtual tour to your site will allow guests to get an up-close look at your hotel, and all the property has to offer. This will give you an advantage over sites that only have pictures. It is also essential to take your videos beyond the website. Post videos on your hotel’s social networks to get them directly to your guests and fans. Also, sharing video content taken by guests at your hotel can make your hotel seem more connected and active in the online community. Word of mouth is a dominant advertiser, and when someone sees their friend’s video of your hotel’s great qualities, they may be inclined to give your hotel a look for their next trip.

When using video marketing for your hotel, it is vital to have a goal. Hotel marketers should also be aware of their target audience. Know who you want to engage with and use videos that will resonate with that group. Some other essential things to consider are video length, how many videos you’re going to use, and how they will be distributed. Are you releasing on a schedule, or do you post them as they are recorded? Are you using only the hotel website, or will you post on social media as well? Taking these things into consideration is sure to help hoteliers get a boost in site traffic. Once you’ve decided on a video and you have a plan, release it to the internet and watch your views, and revenue increase.

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