The Top Amenities Family Travelers Want


Arielle Reyes

Jun 10, 2014


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Does your hotel host a lot of families?

If so, you will want to be sure that your hotel is offering essential amenities that these travelers desire. So what exactly are family travelers looking for in a hotel? When it comes to planning a family vacation, travelers want to book a hotel that will meet their needs as well as provide a comfortable experience for the whole family. A few years back, TripAdvisor put together a list of top amenities that families want available to them in a hotel room. They include:

  • Well-utilized wall space
  • Storage*Child safety features
  • Sleeping solutions
  • Family-friendly bathroom
  • Food preparation and eating space
  • Free WiFi and charging stations
  • Overall family-friendly atmosphere

Some suggestions for better-utilizing wall space include adding wall hooks so guests can have another area to hang coats, purses, etc., and adding benches along empty walls to offer more seating and storage space. Speaking of storage, family travelers require more of it since they are traveling with more people. Since it is unlikely that rooms can be made larger, consider adding extra dressers or even drawers that pull out from under the bed to places that are frequently used by family travelers. For those traveling with young children, certain child safety features, such as plastic latches for drawers, door locks above a child’s reach, and outlet covers, would give travelers peace of mind.

When it comes to getting a good night’s rest to be prepared for trip activities, travelers expect that everyone in their family should be well-rested. TripAdvisor explains that charging for cribs and play yards does not send a positive message to families, so be sure to reconsider charging for these items. Hotels can also consider the possibility of using bunk beds, privacy curtains, and including at least four pillows in family suites to make rooms more comfortable for families. As far as bathrooms go, families would prefer separate sink and vanity areas that allow more than one person to get ready at a time. Some other bathroom suggestions include lower countertops for children, sink plugs, and at least four sets of towels. Most hotels already know the importance of having a refrigerator and microwave in rooms, which is great because it is a must-have for family travelers.

Furthermore, eating space is also essential and can be solved by adding a table or providing lap desks for guests. Since families are well-equipped with mobile devices, tablets, and laptops, a hotel that offers free WiFi, charging stations, and multiple outlets is ideal. Finally, family travelers truly appreciate hotels that go above and beyond to provide families with a comfortable stay. Some suggestions include providing child-sized robes and slippers, treats for children upon check-in, complimentary laundry soap, and brochures for family-friendly attractions around the area.

Though it is not always possible to do a complete renovation to immediately satisfy guest needs (ex. lower countertops for the bathrooms), it is a good idea to keep particular suggestions in mind for any possible future remodeling plans. Also, there are more natural ways your hotel can become family-friendly sooner, such as offering special treats for children and offering free WiFi. If family travelers are the bulk of your business, providing amenities that they desire will not only help you market your hotel, it will also set you apart from your competitors and make your guests happy.

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