The Best Tips for Incredible Photos Part 1

The Best Tips for Incredible Photos Part 1
Jacqueline Puga
Jacqueline Puga
April 9, 2019

Are you looking for a way to get your hotel positioning on search engines rankings higher than they’ve been before? One way to achieve this is for people to click on your links by drawing them in with beautiful images. Hiring a professional photographer is worth the money but can be expensive and might take time to set up a shoot. If you are on a time crunch or looking to save money with a DIY project, check out these easy tips for improving your amateur photography skills until you can hire a professional. Creating good photos is easy. Of course, there is no substitute for a trained professional who has spent hours and hours perfecting their craft, but here are a few tricks to take your photos one step further in between professional photography sessions.

Choose Your Camera

person taking a picture with their camera phone

The first thing you’ll need is a camera. Recent improvements with technology have made high-quality digital cameras available at low costs. Most cell phones on the market have cameras that are so small and efficient that the dreams of the past are now a reality; even one of these will suffice. When you hold your camera, make sure the lens is parallel to the ground. Holding the lens up or down slightly will distort the image making the subjects appear longer or shorter than they are in real life. If you are going to have the camera at an angle, use if for a creative effect.

Choose Your Subject

photo of woman on rocks

The first aspect of your photos will be your subject so choose wisely. Pick the best you have to showcase if you are shooting on a property, pick the best spot. If you are showcasing a person, let them know they will be photographed and ask them to be well groomed. If you are shooting a group photo, coordinate the outfits to have matching colors so that the picture looks uniform in some ways. You’ll also want to look up some poses to make your subject interesting. If you are shooting a group, you can arrange them from shortest to smallest or tallest on the outside, or you can have the shortest on the inside. There are several ways to make your subject interesting. This can also work if you are taking photos of a building. You can take a photo from the front, the side, or from around the corner. There are many ways to get creative. A cool way to get images where you have a building or landmark behind you and the subjects in focus is to have the subjects stand close to the camera and the building in the background. This style of posing will allow you to keep the subjects and the building in the shot instead of having them look very far away, the way most people take images when they try to get the building in the background. One thing to always keep in mind is that although the subject is the main focus, the environment will also be part of the image, so make sure the area is clean.

Find Good Lighting

smiling woman in field

One of the essential elements of a photo is the lighting. Proper lighting can produce incredible images, but bad lighting can leave you with blown out whites or dark, grainy pictures and overall unusable photos. If you’ve got the option to shoot with natural light, it can create significant effects. One popular style comes from shooting during the “golden hour” which provides soft shadows and yellow and orange tints which gives it the name. This time is the hour before sunset and sunrise. If you are shooting during the day, you can get bright, bold images. If the shadows are too harsh, try using a reflector. You can make a simple one using a piece of cardboard and wrapping it in foil. Place this besides the subject to make the shadows less harsh while you keep the reflector out of the frame. Another trick for avoiding hash light during the day is to shoot with your flash on. Keeping the flash on helps sooth the light coming from various directions.

Try Post Production

post production photo software

The last thing to keep in mind to take your photos one step further is to edit them after you shoot. Post production is a great way to make your photos pop even more. Just playing with the brightness and contrast will make a big difference. A tip is to adjust the levels while you look at the picture. Don’t focus on the number or how much or how little you have to change; make sure it looks pleasant to the eyes.

Take these simple tips with you into your next photo projects and see what a difference they can make. If you want to gain even more tips, check out part two of our quick tips to improve your photos.

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