Quickly Manage Your Account & Lower Cost With These 3 PPC Scripts


Alex Corral

Oct 31, 2017


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Use these scripts to save yourself a ton of time when managing your hotel PPC

Improve The Health Of Your Account & Bring Down Cost With These 3 PPC Scripts

I'm writing this article because we all know that computers are coming for our PPC jobs. I am also writing this because I know that excellent paid search takes time.

If you handle any part of your business's paid search account, then you are going to want to pay attention. This article will help you to allocate time to your paid search accounts where it matters --testing. If you are getting bogged down in account maintenance, how will you ever grow the account?

Before You Get Started With Scripts

First of all, I have to tell you that I'm not a developer. That build your website course on Codeacademy doesn't make me a full stack developer. It does, however, make me more code-literate.

This is something that I feel everyone should understand if they are going to attempt to use some of these scripts. Most of these are copy and paste and replace my variables with yours, but you might find that you will need to troubleshoot a pesky script now and then. So it's better to know what you are talking about if you ask a developer for help.

Script To Improve QS

This is one of the first scripts that I add to an account. I add it in, and then set it to run at 5 AM every Monday. This helps me to set up my PPC work week. I like to go for the quick wins first in the 6-7 QS category, and then I work my way through the account from bottom to top performers. In this way, I can target specific quality issues that should improve results, and I promote the overall health of the account. You can find this script here.

Script To Check For The Same Search Terms Triggering For Different Keywords.

AdWords is an auction-based marketplace. Your competitors add Keywords into their accounts to try to trigger for the same search terms as you do. This is why some competitive markets, such as travel, can have such a high CPC (cost-per-click). The competition typically drives up the price.

The last thing that you want to do is add more competition. If a search term gets triggered for more than one of your keywords, you are competing against yourself. This could mean that you are potentially driving the price up for yourself. I add this script and then schedule it to run again on Monday at 6 AM. If there is anything that is triggering twice, then I will add a negative keyword to the group that I don't want to show for. The script is from Daniel Gilbert of Brainlabs

Check for broken URL's

This seems like a no-brainer, but sometimes it happens. You get asked to create a new ad group promotion, and one of your URLs ends up being messed up. The script we'll check if there are any URLs, i.e., your landing pages that are throwing off 404 errors or 301 errors. Both of these can affect the quality of your ads. It also helps for user experience. Think about it this way you have already paid once the user clicks on your ad, why would you send them to a page that doesn't work. You're throwing away your money. I like to set this one up to run all day every day. You never know when this issue can come up since you might create ads at any point in the week. Instead of waiting an entire week to find out that it's been wasting money, it's better to catch it once it happens. You can find it on Google.

These are just basic scripts to get you started

These are simple scripts if you are getting started adding them to your AdWords accounts. Once you get the hang of these and build your system, you can start with some more robust scripts. What I can tell you is that even though these are simple, they will help improve the health of your account. Make sure to pay attention to any issues that pop up in your account. In a few short months, you should see your overall quality score increase. When this happens, you will also see your cost go down. Contact us if you have any questions regarding scripts.

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