Four Simple Blog Ideas for Hotels


Arielle Reyes

Oct 18, 2013


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Every hotel would like their website to rank as high as possible on Google search. One part of ranking higher on search engines includes regularly providing fresh content on your website. Hoteliers can find this task difficult since most content on a hotel’s website is consistent and does not change. This content could include things like types of rooms offered, location, and hotel amenities. An easy way to add fresh content to your hotel website is through blogging. By adding blogs to your website, you are adding new content for search engines and also providing value to guests visiting your site. Here are four blog ideas for your hotel’s website.

1. Local Events

This is especially useful for hotels located in large cities. Keep up-to-date with various events that are happening in and around your town, including festivals, new restaurants, concerts, store openings, and seasonal events. Post the blogs a few weeks before the event takes place to maximize the relevance of the blog.

2. News About Your Property

Has your hotel recently been renovated? Whether it was a major renovation such as a newly remodeled lobby or something smaller like new bathroom sinks, blog about it! You will be adding new content to your website as well as keeping guests updated about your hotel. You can also share other fun news about your hotel to add a personality to the property.

3. Local Attractions

Create a list of popular attractions that are near your hotel. The list can include places such as museums, theme parks, beaches, parks, and famous sites. Be sure to write a separate blog for each attraction. These blogs will be useful for guests who are interested in exploring local attractions, and they won’t even have to leave your website to find the information.

4. Travel Tips

Whether your hotel guests are coming from another state or two towns over, they are traveling! Research travel tips that your guests may find useful such as how to pack the perfect carry-on, how to eat healthy while visiting, or suggestions for traveling with children. Be creative and include tips that are specific to your guest demographic.

To simplify the process and to make sure everyone involved is on the same page, create a calendar for blog posts that lists both the topics and posting dates.

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