Guidelines for Marketing Your Web Design Business


Alex Corral

Jun 3, 2013


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A website is a valuable marketing tool for any business. With many companies seeking to establish an online presence, there has been an enormous demand out there for professional web design services. As a result, the industry has become increasingly competitive, with many people setting up companies to offer such services. Therefore, to succeed in the web design industry, you need to think of innovative ways of making your business stand out from the crowd.

The following are some guidelines which will help you market your web design business online, thus increasing your chances of success.

1. Build a portfolio page

Include a portfolio page on your site, which can be used to display the different websites that you have designed previously. Make sure you show a screenshot of the website, as well as a link to it. When visitors look at the site, they will get an idea of what to expect from you. Remember also to add some details about the exact role you played in the project. Were you involved in the whole development process or just in the design process? This will reveal your level of expertise.

2. Show client testimonials

Approach your former satisfied customers and request them to write an account of their experience dealing with your business. You can then create an exclusive page on your site where such testimonials can be displayed. Such testimonies make your business appear more credible to prospects and increase the chances of converting them to customers.

3. Offer great content

Content is a crucial element of any site. Visitors usually evaluate the credibility of a website by its content. Therefore, you must ensure that your content explains clearly what your business is all about. Mention the specific services or products being offered and explain how visitors can benefit from them. However, avoid using technical terms which may be unfamiliar to readers. Instead, use simple language which can be easily understood.‍

4. Create a blog

A blog offers an excellent opportunity to share useful content and have meaningful interaction with your customers and prospects. You can enlighten your audience on different industry subjects as well as receive their comments on the same. This interaction will enable you to win their trust and also get familiar with their needs.

5. Optimize your content

Search engine optimization (SEO) is essential for the success of any site. Optimizing your website or blog will ensure that it ranks high in search engine results. A high ranking means better online visibility, and subsequently an increased level of traffic.

6. Social networking

Social networking sites can be instrumental in promoting your web design business. Having a profile on major social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn offers an excellent opportunity to interact with other people in your industry. Take time to post valuable updates regularly, and remember to include a link to your site or blog.

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