Evergreen Content: Saving You Valuable Time


Jacqueline Puga

Dec 28, 2017


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Social Media

These days to stay relevant on any social media platform, you have to continue producing quality content in large volumes. Creating content has become more and more crucial to remain pertinent in the realm of social media. Creating large quantities of material can allow you to express yourself creatively and test variations of your posts, as well as updates, and videos. There are types of content that may save you time while pumping out the massive volume of updates required for hotel strategies to attract customers and other small businesses to stay relevant on social.

Among these types of time-saving content, we find user-generated and evergreen content. There are various benefits of user-generated content, including time-saving, but today we’ll delve deeper into evergreen content. Defining evergreen content brings to mind pine trees, where the name originates. Pine trees are green all year long. Evergreen content is similar because it is pertinent through long periods. Usually, these are blogs that stand the test of time. Once it’s published, the information contained in these blogs is still significant several years down the road. There is no expiration date, and this information is usually not quickly outdated.

There are various reasons to create evergreen content, including providing useful information for your audience. Always keep in mind your target. You want to give them value through helpful information that aligns with your brand. Often, how-to’s can be great topics for evergreen content. You can also include resources, best-of lists, explanations of industry concepts, and other beginner resources.

Creating content for beginners or general search terms can secure large volumes of traffic reaching your page. It’s essential to do keyword research because you can chase growing search terms and create articles based on widespread interest in your industry. Take advantage of the SEO tools you have on hand and structure your articles with keywords in mind to help you gain traction through sourcing popular, steady, and growing search terms that match your brand.

Another valuable aspect of evergreen content is longevity. Because of this, articles are continually relevant and may be shared with your audiences many times. You want to share evergreen articles sparsely along with a mixture of new content to keep your viewers interested. It would be best if you did not rely solely on evergreen content to take the place of your current social media strategy because you don’t want to share the same information time and time again without adding something new to the mix. This content should be in conjunction with trending topics, current events, and other exciting content with a short shelf life. Both types of content will provide different patterns of traffic, one a burst of traffic, and the other a steady stream. With trending topics, you might get a high volume of traffic that dies down as opposed to constant traffic that maintains throughout time.

Keeping your feed interesting with a mix of both types of content will remind your audience that they can count on you for the basics through evergreen content but can also turn to you for up-to-date content in your niche.

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