Is Your Property Providing Enough Value to Guests?


Jacqueline Puga

Jan 30, 2017


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What makes a person choose one hotel over another? It’s value.

Value is what ultimately drives every purchaser’s decision — the belief that what you are gaining yields a higher return than what you are investing. If a consumer finds value, they will likely return to make a similar purchase in the future. Your hotel social media strategy can help with adding value.

As hoteliers, we must ask ourselves if we are providing enough value for the consumer to make initial and sequential bookings.

One example of a question we should be answering should be, “ What do leisure travelers want in a hotel ?” One way to do this is by providing options. Having various room types and open availability invites an array of guests. Other ways to increase value are add-ons, which further customize a guest’s experience. These add-ons can come in the form of specials or packages. Depending on your customer demographics, you can offer family packages, honey-moon specials, or discounted attraction tickets if they book a certain number of nights.

Amenities are also an excellent form of providing value! Complimentary breakfast, free parking, and concierge services are only a few ways to make your hotel appealing. But do not go overboard. Adding expensive amenities to your cost does not necessarily add value. If consumers find an amenity impractical, you will pass on the cost and raise the ticket price for “extras” that they could do without. Keep value above the price!

None of the above-mentioned tips beat genuine customer service and care for your customers and their experience. Hotels that go above and beyond to make their guests’ experience remarkable will build a strong relationship with that guest. There are countless ways to build rapport, which can be as simple as offering free bottled water at arrival, sending a welcome email upon check-in, or providing an upgraded room whenever possible. But despite catering to customers, you must also listen. Customers know what they like and what they don’t, so listen to them! Despite your efforts, customers may not particularly care for a service that you are spending resources to bring them. Make sure to make a note of feedback, and ask the right questions so that you may add value, not just cost.

Everything you do should have the consumer in mind, and you should always think of how to improve customer service in hotels after all guests are the revenue of the hotel. Make the process easy, hassle-free, and valuable. Treating your customer to a great experience will result in excellent reviews and word of mouth publicity which will attract potential customers. And remember, giving your guests a great experience can be as simple as a free water bottle and excellent customer service.

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