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December 24, 2018
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February 26, 2020

Choosing the best advertisement slogan for your hotel could be what will set you apart from your competitors and make your hotel memorable. You want people to remember your slogan and remember your name so that your hotel is top of mind when it comes time for a potential customer to book a stay somewhere. Many hotels choose short, generic slogans to keep them simple to remember. Instead, you should create a slogan that sets expectations, forms an emotional response, and is easily understood by your target customers.

Hotel Advertisement Slogans Used By Other Hotels

These slogans are already being used by hotels and may serve as an example of a hotel advertisement slogan. Homewood Suites is the shortest slogan on this list but conjures up images of comfort and relaxation. The slogan regarding "home" fits with the name "Homewood Suites," and is more likely to be remembered as a comfortable hotel choice. Tune Hotels tells potential customers what they can expect when they visit - a beautiful and luxurious 5-star sleeping experience, at a very affordable 1-star price.

  • Hilton Garden Inn: Everything. Right, where you need it.
  • Homewood Suites: Make Yourself at Home.
  • JW Marriott Hotels & Resorts: Discover a hotel that defines a new dimension of luxury. Your success is our highest calling.
  • Best Western: The World's Largest Hotel Chain. Across the street from the ordinary.
  • Ramada Inn: Nice people. Taking care of nice people.
  • Tune Hotels: 5-star sleeping experience at a 1-star price.

These memorable slogans create an emotion or an image in the mind of potential customers. Homewood Suites never uses the word "comfort" in their motto, yet that is the image they create. Ramada Inn doesn't use words like "hospitality," "service," or "friendliness." Still, when people hear that Ramada Inn has nice people taking care of nice people, they may think of smiling, friendly hosts who provide exceptional service. Great hotel advertisement slogans give you a sense of what to expect at the hotel and what kind of service customers will get.

Tips for Writing Hotel Advertisement Slogans

Writing a great slogan that will help customers remember you will help your hotel succeed. You want customers to remember your name and your slogan so that when they need to book a hotel, they think of you. Your motto should capture the personality of your brand and convey it to your target audience. If you are a luxury hotel, you probably don't want to create images of home. Define your target market, choose your hotel brand's personality, and keep your slogan from being too short to be memorable.

Don't Make Your Slogan Too Short

Short slogans, often referred to as taglines, are not memorable because they don't convey or elicit an emotion. Longer slogans that create an emotional response are easier to remember and keep your hotel in the mind of potential customers. A hotel slogan such as "Luxury. Redefined." is a weak motto, because it's too short to mean anything. Is it luxurious or not? How has it been redefined? Is the hotel's definition of luxury dramatically different than yours? Better to choose something that has "Everything. Right, where you need it." instead.

Convey an Emotion, Not General Platitudes

Choose what emotional response your hotel aims to convey. Are you warm and inviting? Relaxing or exciting? Many companies choose to focus on comfort and convenience when creating their hotel advertisement slogans. Avoid striving for a witty comment or using the generic terms of "quality," "luxury," and "best." You want your slogan to be easily understood and reasonably simple.

Convey Meaning That Will Describe What Guests Can Expect

Opt for a slogan that has meaning to your target market. Of course, you want to reach as many potential customers as possible, but knowing who your primary audience is and creating an emotional, memorable slogan that matters to that audience is what will set your hotel slogan apart. For example, "Come In As Guests. Leave As Family." lets guests know that the service and hospitality they can expect from Hotel Villa Amarilla is akin to staying with close family.

When choosing a hotel advertisement slogan, you want to create a phrase that will help you stand out from competitors. Knowing your target market and what they look for when choosing a hotel will help you decide what key factors matter most to your guests. Use this information to help craft an excellent hotel advertisement slogan. Avoid short, general statements, instead choosing phrases that elicit an emotional response, convey the personality of your brand, and manage the expectations of guests.

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